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Let's Get in a Argument


As the title says. I dont care what the topic is, i just feel like getting in a fight. to be honest thats all these forums are nowadays anyway. begin...


Do you want to have just one argument or were you thinking of taking a course?


Shut up jackass! And it's "don't" not "dont".


And you're Canadian. LOL.


Just say something that Professor X disagrees with. You will have 28 pages of argument before you know it.


This thread is a winner!

I love OP


It is 'an' argument, retard; there, was that helpful?


Where is that damn Monty Python clip when you need it...


You're a hairy gorilla and all your shits fucked up.


Given the recent change in policy, fill in the blank for a new slogan.


I'll get it started.

1) Buttsex
2) Fashion tips




hey brah, why so mad brah? lets fight brah


It's "Let's Get in AN Argument", asshole!


I submit that 100 unarmed men in a bullfighting arena cannot Kill one full grown Kodiak Bear.

Fuck you if you disagree.


Fuck Christians, heteros, accountants, movie-goers, people that use speedstick, taxi enthusiasts and people that brush their teeth more than twice a day.


Bodybuilding isn`t functional.



Obama can keep his change.....I think Sara Palin will be a much better President.

and she's purdy.


Speedstick should be capitalized, you dumb-fuck.



Your avatar`s axe is not combat effective.



So should just about everything else there.

Handsome shitfuckassaidshaver.