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Lets Get Anabolic

Please help me with my diet

I am making every attmept to gain wieght and this is what i have. How is it
Any other way to make my weight gain mroe rapid. as of now im not gaining a pound a week on this diet

Meal 1- 6:00 AM
3 eggs
2 pices of toast
3 cups of Milk
Multi Vit, Calcium, Fishoils

Meal 2- 8:30 am
Wardog Weight Gain Bar (469 cals 26 gram fat(good fats from pb) 21 grams carb 28 gram protein)( i sometimes replace this with 8oz of lean meat when i can)
30 pistachio’s

Meal 3- 10:10 am
Turkey Sandwhich(2 pices of bread, 6 oz of turkey, Lettuce, Tomato)
12 almonds

Meal 4( PRE WORKOUT)-2:30pm
1 cups of brown rice
8 oz lean meat

Meal 5(Pre pre workout) 3:30
Xtend and creatine in gatorade or grape juice

Meal 6(POST WORKOUT)-6:00 pm
1 cup oatmeal
Protein Shake(Glutimine, Creatine)
Anti Oxidents

Meal 7- 7:30
What ever is served
For Example
1 chicken breast
1 sweetpotato
Salad(spinach, Tomatoes, Shiitake Mushrooms, Broccoli, Flaxseeds)
1 cup Milk

Meal 8- 9:00-10:00
1 can tuna
Casein Protein Shake
1 tablespoon olive oil
Multi Vit, Calcium, Fishoils
1 cup green beans

Meals 2-5 are at school so i have to have foor that can sit in my back pack all day and can be eaten cold

Calories 6027
Fat 170 25%
Carb 666 42%
Protein 485 33%

I might want to get some more and cut out some fat. All my fats are good ones

Three questions you must answer:

  1. How long have you been training?

  2. How long have you been on this diet?

  3. What is your current weight?

Some other personal stats would be cool, but that’s the bare minimum… there are a lot of very smart people on this site but they can only offer advice if you give them the above.

First thing that jumps at me is the PWO meal. 8oz meat and cup of rice aint much this should be your biggest meal thats not that big.

Other than that not to bad if one is trying to simply add weight I suppose

That’s great that you are able to consume that much food in one day. However, I have a hard time believing it. Especially if you say you aren’t gaining ANY weight at all. As soon as I bumped my cals up 500 a day, to a total of 4000 cals a day I was making awesome gains in weight. IF you actually are taking in what you say you are, I apologize and the only reason I can think of as to why you are not gaining weight is the way you train.

Listen, how long have you been eatin 6,000K calories? I just started not to long ago about 2 weeks ago

Give us some info about your training and activities.

What is your goal? Its wrestling season so 6 days a week i have practice. Very high intensity. Huge workload, more then most people can handle. My body is being pushed to the limit every day. I came into the season wieghing 189. I was eating around 3500 cals. lost 5 lbs. Went Up to 4500 cals a day and lost 3 more lbs.

I was sitting at about 181. I then went up to 5300 cals and gained 1 lbs in 4 weeks. I then went up to 6000 and have gained about a pound in 2 weeks. I want to get up to 191 as fast as possible, because I am at a weight disadvantage to other kids in my wieght class

Are you gaining a pound every 2 weeks, every 3? What results are you seeing?

Without measuring your bodyfat…we can only guess what the weight gain consists of…see the last part of this post. I can see abs but not really defined so im guessing between 11-14%

How long have you been training? Ive been active in sports all my life. this is my second year doing serious sports(high school) and i started eating right and wieght traing in april 2005
You said you have a “workload”??? Explain. Explained above
Are you doing 3 hours of cardio a day or something? 2 hours of very high intensity about 30 mins running and 90 min wrestling

How long do you train a day, what type of training? 2 hours
What are your stats?
Height 6’
Weight 183
Bodyfat 11-15
Some muscle circumference dimensions Chest/Arms/Legs/Waist kinda thing.
Neck- 17.5
Bicep- 14.5
Forearm 12.5
Chest 40.5
Waist 32
Thighs (mesured below bottoks) 26.5
Calf 15.75

I also at the beging of the season(weighing 189) got my bf taken on a scale and it was 14. Ive gotten much leaner since then