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Let's Eat Something!


Name a food that you are currently craving (whether it's part of your diet or not)

idk y but ive been craving a chili cheese dog from Yum Yum's on UNC's campus in greensboro NC....o wait i do know why, cause they're delicious


your still beating heart for making this thread.

Now all I can think about is Checkers


hahaha u gonna quote the Inidana Jones Temple of Doom guy while you take it "gali ma! GALI MA!"


Orange Jello and bomb pops


I'd kill for tilapia and brocoli topped with lemon salt and a HUGE glass of room-temperature water!


lol too bad Checkers is gross


fried chicken. fried okra. tater tots.


Gyros pita sandwich and a side of fries from this place called Tom's. They're your typical burger joint, but for whatever reason, they make the best fast food gyros around and there are quite a few Greek places in my area. Undoubtedly, next weekends cheat meal.


Noticing a theme here! Had a chunk of fried okra for the first time on Friday. That shit is tasty.


don't really like okra unless it's fried, tried it steamed once...that shit was nasty


forgive my ignorance, but what the hell is checkers?


way to be the only person who picked something clean lmao


Ya, that was my first experience with okra, in any form. Good to know about your experience, so I'll have my shields up if I ever try it in other forms.


maybe chop it up and saute it? little olive oil and some seasonings may do the trick, either way i ust don't buy it. there's other veggies id much rather eat


Steak preferably a porterhouse.


Dude two food threads....are you cutting?




Doner Kebab. Awfully greasy, mushy, soggy, doner kebab from the deepest, darkest recesses of the English slums.


haha is it obvious? all i can ever think about is food, it SUCKS!
actually i wouldn't even call it cutting, just trying to bing the diet to the next level, it's proving to be very very difficult