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Let's Discuss TC's Time Restricted Diet


I would to start a discussion about this diet. I am kinda at a loss where to start. I get the time periods etc. but what about your macros and things or does this type diet totally change these.


I got the impression that macros should remain about the sameâ??which I think makes it practically a dream diet, since you just eat a bit more in less time, so you feel full.

I started looking into the paper almost as soon as I read the article and thought the premise was very interesting, of supporting circadian rythyms by eating times.

I began the diet a week agoâ??I personally like it a lot and helps me sleep better since my body is more tired since I don't have the energy coming from food. When I'm awake and have work, I have food energy since I'm eating during that time. However, I haven't started taking casein before bed as TC suggested, keeping more towards the actual study.

I'm also curious as to what others thinkâ??am I approaching it correctly?


My intent was that people pretty much keep with their ordinary macros, assuming they're eating correctly or semi-correctly in the first place. That's what I mean when I said I didn't want to get lost in the weeds rehashing dietary info that just about all T Nation readers probably know. Protein high, functional fats moderate to high, and carbs appropriate to your metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and activity levels. Hope that helps!


Wow I am just pretty much happy you replied. That in itself is pretty awesome!


Ok here is my problem. I can not eat a thousand times a day nor can my wife. I am a critical care nurse working 50-60 hours a week and wife I a teacher where they expect tons of extracurricular things to impress the parents. Plus we have our own family. Now this not a BS excuse I just need to know in reality how to make this work is all. I purchase my training programs for the year from John Meadows have my peri workout nutrition nailed it's just the rest of the day that presents problem.

Basically we have time to eat two meals. The one post training and one other. That's about it. That's where my problem lies. If I can fix this we are set. This has been a problem for years because everyone wants multiple multiple meals. Can do MAG-10 pulses sure but then where do I get my required 2700 kcal 200g pro 160g fat and 135g carbs. I am up for solutions. Some days neither one of us even get a break. Modern employers greedy.


Is there a link to this diet ? Help a brotha out.




I routinely stop eating at 7:00 pm and then have my first meal at 7:00 am before I head to the gym at 7:30 am. This is not an attempt to do IF, it's just my natural rhythm, but it does turn out to be a 12 hour window. I have not tried MAG-10.

Lifestyle-wise, I would have a very hard time extending this beyond 12 hours because I train early in the morning, and because it's important to me that I sit down and eat with the hubs and kids at about 6:30 pm every night. I fall more in the fine tuning group anyway, rather than the "has a lot of fat to loose" group.

Just a note for people who are interested in IF in women specifically. Search Paleo for Women "Shattering the Myth of Fasting for Women: A Review of Female-Specific Responses to Fasting in the Literature." The gist is that women tend to have more trouble with IF and calorie restriction than men, with more incidence of hormone disruption and metabolic slow down. I've talked about this before, but women also seem to have more trouble with carb restriction than men, and need to watch for signs of depression on low-carb diets.


Thanks guys for all the replies. I am trying to put this together to accomplish our goals.