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Let's Define It


Post pictures of the following:

2-Kinda sorta started working out
4-Heavy weight
6-Holy shit

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Although if we had a bell curve of the people on this site I'd fit in the top 10%, huge is like that gym rat that's been lifting a serious 15 years+ (y'all know the dudes I'm talking about) or most competitive NPC competitors. Holy Shit is Ronnie Coleman.


Are we talking 'normal' people's perceptions, or those of the average T-Nation forumgoer. Because if it's the latter agree with Austin


This is about POSTING PICTURES of what these words mean.

Why would we care what some sedentary person thinks? To them, Tobey Mcgwire is BIG.


I have pictures disabled for T-Nation at work so I'll throw out some posters names who have pic's and avatars up and hopefully they won't mind.

1) Skinny: Most of the beginner's at T-Nation. I'd consider anyone 6ft and under 180 skinny. Whether they're ripped or not, I'd still call them skinny.

2) My avatar and whatever pic I have in my hub of me over 200 lbs. I don't consider myself big, so I'd put myself here.

3)Big: H4M , BugeishAD (sp), NewDamage to name a few. I'd say if you're big if you're sporting 18 inch lean arms and are above the 220 mark at 6 ft.

4) Huge: Morepain, Syngergy, and Dave Tate come to mind.

5) Holy shit: Physiques of anyone competing at the Arnold or other high level shows.


I think that swing is only about a point.

I'm just hoping to fall somewhere above 2.5 right now, lol... :wink:


Lol missed the post picture part.


Terry Crews. Big.


Goldberg at his peak when he wrestled: Huge


Kai and Ronnie= Holy Shit




The Rock= Big


Skinny -


Matthew= Works out


Kinda working out -


Zac Efron= Skinny


Big -


Interesting thread - The problem with this is that views will(& should) be different based on perspective.

For example:

I think we all will agree on skinny.

Kinda sorta working out = Me and I'm approx 6'3 247

Big - Holy Mac, X etc 275+ lbs

Huge - pic attached

OMG big - I'm open to interpertation.


Huge -