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Lets Complain about Gas Prices


YAY! They are going right back up to where they used to be. I paid $2.64/gallon of 89 Chevron today. The max I paid was $5.99 a gallon for diesel and 5.09 for 91. That was $165+/- a fill up for my V10 and I never filled up the Panda. NEVER. My master filled his 7.3 up and was literally having a panic attack when it cleared $180 and it kept on going.

I guess those (insert racial slur) bastards figure that $150+ a barrel of sweet crude is the right price and have killed production and started stockpiling as soon as the price plummeted in order to drive it up again and give us the shaft once again. I know there are other factors that come into play so don't attack me for me only stating one of them.

I also know that Europe has been getting a greater shafting that we have with $8.00/L but dammit THIS IS AMERICUH! Ain't no thing if your fucking camel gets great mileage. I guess that's why the bastard said that, "we need to get used to high oil prices" That's a direct quote from the man the our leader vows to on a regular basis. Alright, fellers and gals, what are you guys paying at the pump? Diesel and Gasoline.



funny how the whole "drilling for our own oil" discussions have ceased.


2.64? Jesus Cali sucks. We're paying just over $2 right now.


Going to get a lot worse as we become more dependent on foreign oil over the next 4 years.

Your rulers know what's best for you. Stop complaining "they won" after all.


More dependent mate? lol! We live of that Saudi tit! Prices?!


obama just wants his fellow rag head to get richer.


You have a Ford V10 but i'm not sure what Panda means, if it means a diesel then look into producing your own biodiesel. Just be careful WHERE you store and produce the shit, a few people have lost there homes or storage buildings to bad set-ups.


The Panda was the name I gave to my best truck buddy. I loved that rig. It was a Club cab, short box, FX4, 7.3 diesel, with a 10' lift on 37x13.50x18s that had a black and white two tone paint job. Black and white = Panda. I no longer own that majestic machine. I cashed that truck in right at the peak. The paid it off and thought I was going to leave all the goodies on it bwahahaha! They thounk wrong. Gas prices people post them!


First off, gasoline in the United States is cheap.

No, really. They're paying seven dollars a gallon in Britain.

I lived in Japan for years. I drove a Land Rover. I paid a buck fifty per liter for gas. Yes, it hurt every time I filled up.

When I went to Italy, it was about a euro per liter, or about $1.85. This is per liter, remember. Multiply by 4 to get the price in gallons.

The funny thing is, in Japan diesel was cheaper than gas, whereas here it's more expensive. Weird.

But my next vehicle will be a diesel, not only because of the better mileage, but because with a little tweaking, one can get the engine to run on anything from vegetable oil to jet fuel. Which might not be a bad thing to be able to do.


^On an old diesel I hear you, but on these new fangled diesels that don't even sound like a diesel you're in for a world of pain.


Nah. Indirect injection, naturally aspirated old school diesel for the win.


In England:
95.9p per litre for Unleaded ---> $5.53 per US Gallon
103.9p per litre for Diesel ----> $5.99 per US Gallon

Very similar to the max that you ever paid Growing_Boy. But not quite as bad Varqanir thinks.


It sucks in Cali, I really don't know how people tolerate this shit.


Well, yes, for an American gallon. But for an Imperial gallon, that works out to $6.64 for petrol, and $7.20 for diesel! So there! :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you're right. I think the price I quoted was from a few years back.


Either way, the wonders of big Gov't gave that one to you brits. Labour party and Gordo anyone?


I'll say this-- getting 45 mpg and paying only $10 +/- a bit per fill-up rocks hardcore. V-Twins for the win. Sorry all you boys got V10 monsters. Once you go two wheel you never go back.


I laid my buddy's 600 down pretty hard once. I was drunk, never rode, and thought I was a Billy Badass. Did pretty good until a damn guard rail popped out of nowhere.


I hope gas prices skyrocket so all the people who likes car get pissed off.


'Ta fuck kinda of language is that? ^^


The ungrammatical kind.