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Lets Collect the Best Complexes :)

Heyho… Im kinda looking/am interested in any kind of Complex training. Would be nice if you would post links of the best that you can find online! Preferred the ones where to use a Kettlebell :wink:

To Start Im gonna give you guys two links

In this Article the two at the bottom of the Site… Pretty awesome imo!

And this one… Probably the first Article I read about this topic:

Have you some asskicking routines that you use? Plz go ahead guys.

This should probably be moved to the conditioning forum.

I like this one:

5 rounds of following
5 Dumbbell Snatches per Arm
5 Dumbbell Swings per Arm
10 Burpees
as fast as possible

This one makes me pee mah pants:

Clean and Jerk [75% of 1RM]
10 reps


Clean 1 rep
Front squat 3 reps
Jerk 2 reps

with 80% 1RM


I like to do:

push press
back squat
bb rows (overhand so you don’t have to drop the weight)

i go from 6 reps to 1 then back up to 6 @ 75- 80% of your weakest movement (typically either the cleans or push press)
o and a minute rest between sets, or if you really wanna kick your ass then drop ten seconds off as you go down and then conversely add them as you go back up.

A few I like:

Hang Snatch
Overhead Squat
Back Squat
Good Morning
Rack Jerk
Bent Over Row
Push-Up(hands on Bar)
**All X 5

12-20 min depending on weight used and conditioning level

2 clean and jerk on the min every min
-If it takes you 5 sec you rest for 55; if it take 10 sec you rest for 50 etc
Try to work up to around 80-85%

missed the Kettlebell part of original post sorry, here is a favorite KB one

Snatch x 5 each hand
Clean and Jerk x 5 each hand
Front Squat x 10
Reverse Lunge x 5 each leg
Hi Pull x 10
One Arm Row x 5 each hand
Two Hand Swings x 10

Sick I love the Kettlebell one :slight_smile:

Keep them coiming guys :slight_smile:

My favorite, Javorek inspired:

COMPLEX A (use BB) - 2-4 sets of 8
High Pull
Muscle Snatch
Good Mornings

COMPLEX B (use DBs) - 2-4 sets of 8
Lateral raises
Power Clean below knee
Squat-to-Press (aka thrusters)
Jerk Jumps (20 total reps instead of 8, this is basically doing jump lunges, but you also shrug as you jump explosively)

COMPLEX C (use a 35 or 45-lb plate): 2-4 sets of 8
Overhead Press
Overhead Walking Lunges (20 total reps instead)
20 Walking Twists (20 total reps instead; walk forward holding the plate in front of you, and twist to your left side as you step with your right, right side as you step to your right, etc)

Simple and brutal I found on the dragondoor forums called BMF.

50 kb swings
10 bw squats
40 kb swings
20 bw squats

20 kb swings
40 bw squats
50 kb swings
10 bw squats

…do goblet squats with the kettlebell instead of bodyweight squats if you are a real bad ass.

The second is the bear:

Sorry, I do not have a kettlebell complex, but my favourite Bar complex is:

Back Squat
Push Press
Dynamic Lunge
Upright Row
Front Squat
Bent Over Row
Zercher Squat / Static Lunge
Push Up

All doing 10 reps with 50-60% of the weakest movement on a bar. I found it works well for MMA round conditioning, so adjust the number of rounds according to the expected number of rounds in the fight. Or just keep going for 3 or so.

DB Complex which I suppose a kettlebell would work with:
10 x Snatch each hand
10 x DB Swing each hand
10 x Clean and Press each hand
Finish each movement on both LH and RH before moving on to the next.

KB burpee-5reps
KB clean and press-5reps
KB clean-5 reps
KB reverse lunge-5 reps each leg
KB goblet squat-5 reps
KB bent row-5 reps
KB romanian deadlift-5 reps
KB deadlift-5 reps
KB two arm swing-10 reps

This equals 1 round, rest 60 seconds and try to get as many rounds as possible. I use 40lb kb’s for this complex.

Done with KBs of either 62lbs and 70lbs, one KB only

KB Snatch,70 3x8
KB Row, 70 3x8
KB One-Arm Front Squat,70 3x10/10
KB Clean/Push Press, 62 3x5
KB Swing (3way, left arm, right arm, both arms), 70 3x12/12/12
KB One-Arm Windmill, 62 3x5
Push-up Plus 3x8

Right now, 20 seconds rest between exercises, then 30-45 between circuits.

Anybody else tried Chad Waterbury’s GPP ASAP? I like to do it occassionally. That burpee/pull up combo is great for making you want to vomit.

I like using the following as a warm-up for 3x8 after a bit of mobility work:

Bent-over row
Upright row
Hang snatch
Military press
Back squat

I like to keep them pretty simple.

With two KBs:

Bent over row
Front squat push press (aka Thruster)

One set is usually about 10 reps of each (enough reps to take about a minute on the first set) with each set starting on two minutes. Part of the rest can be taken with the KBs in the rack position, tho this sucks a bit.

With one KB:

Left hand Clean
Left hand Front squat push press (aka Thruster)
Left hand Swing (change to right hand at top of swing)
Right hand Clean

Usually do this for timed sets. It also makes a pretty good warmup with a lighter KB. I think this isnt technically called a ‘complex’, maybe a ‘combination’? Not that it really matters in this context.

Dan John has also written a bit about complexes, eg, his Mass Made Simple article on here springs to mind. Also maybe have an internet search for “Dan John Complexes pdf”.