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Let's Celebrate the milestone!


It's official, folks. 15 trillion (that's a trillion, with a t) dollars in debt! $133,000/taxpayer. Gooooooo us!



At today's average income how many years of slavery does that equate to?


Throw them all out


As long as we support our military, cheaper though not by much, we in theory, should never have to pay anyone back.


You won't be able to support your military when your dollars become worthless through excessive printing.


Not to mention people leaving the military because they aren't getting paid.


Silly guys. Deficits don't matter.


15 tril, and entitlement reform is off the table? 15 tril, and the amount being argued over in the super committee is treated like it's more than a token attempt? As if it was actually drastic?


And then we are bankrupt, with about 30k euro per tax payer...LOL. Yes, I am from Greece.