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I'm a little upset, due to a communication error I recieved femara insted of A-dex. I have no experience with eithier but based on what I've read the A-dex seemed like the better choice. Fuck!

Anyway, acrroding to some of Cy's articles, letrozole has a half life of two days and as little as 100 micrograms lowers estrogen to sub physiolgical levels for 5 days.

2.5 mg's a day or even EOD seems like a huge overkill to me. So does anyone have any thoughts on using it on injection days only (2X weekly).

I also read on another board that unlike a-dex and aromasin, Letrozole can have a bad estrogen rebound once use is stopped. Any thoughts?


Not all is lost. In fact Letrozole can be a good product when used correctly - good for getting a hard look also with used with cutting stack.

It have a 1/2 life of 2-4 days with an effective dose of o.25 - 0.5mg per day. Above that can really mess up your sex drive.

Keep a check on cholesterol levels while on it.

It can have a nasty rebound but when used for a longer period of around 2 months this can be minimized.


thanks for the reply honkey...but you pretty much just repeated what I said. Not flaming ya man.


My bad I just re-read and noticed this part. Maybe .5mg EOD? or 1.25mg 2x week.


1.25 E3D works well for me.


above .5 may effect your sex drive... not in a good way either..


Funny. Same thing just happened to me. Except I got anastrozole instead of letrozole ... maybe you got my letrozole! ya bastard. I am not sure what the confusion was, I guess they both end in "zole". anyway
I was planning on using 0.25mg/day of the letrozole. And see how things went. But we will see, might have to use the a-dex now.


That is kind of funny, in a pain in the ass the sort of way. So how were you planning on dosing a .1ml assuming your's was gonna be 2.5mg/ml? I'm thinking of using a slin pin .1ml=10 units on a slin pin right?


Ummm, i don't know the conversion between units and mls (I should check on that). I was just going to get a 1ml dropper. But maybe I can use the pins, that might be more accurate.