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Letrozole with Cycle, Dosage and Timing?

I am going to take letrozole with my cycle and I intend to start the dosage with 0.5mg eod. The tablets only come in 2.5mg and I can’t find neither aromasin nor arimidex so can I take a whole tablet every week or what?

Letrozole is pretty harsh as an AI. Its mostly used to stop and remove gyno that has started. Its also been reported to affect libido. Probably from the crashed E2.

You should consider a SERM like Nolvadex instead. You won’t crash your E2 and you can still reap the benefits of E2.

Saying that, I dont feel as shit on low dose Letro as I do with low dose Adex.


Have you ever run Nolva @Singhbuilder?

Im currently running 20mg EOD alongside 165mg Test/pw.

I think I may need a bit more because I still have sore nips, I may run some letro to get rid of the soreness and small lumps and continue with the Nolva, just scared of messing with my E again because I feel good.


I ran letro too and it definitely got rid of some lumps. I didnt really feel any side effects I listed above but it is supposedly known for that.

I ran 40 mg of Nolva ED during my blast. I have a small lump under my right nipple so I’m keeping the nolva at 20/day right now. They are slowly receding.

I see.

I feel a SERM by itself in the presence of high levels of aromatisable compounds just doesn’t fully cut it. But then again its so hard to get the AI dose spot on too. Its a tricky one.


Well, last year I followed physio’s advice and dropped the adex. I was running 250 Test/week and frankly my libido and erection quality went crazy.

Posted about it here Reduced Dose - New Lab Results

Yeah I read your post previously. I think I may be more prone to aromatisation, its coupled with running orals and decreased liver function IMO.


I use letro sometimes. I have no idea why people are so scared of it. Adex is stronger on a per mg basis, but the bitch with letro is it only comes in the 2.5mg pills. Chop one into 4 bits and you can just dose it more or less the same as adex.

What’s the deal with aromasin? Been meaning to ask this question here seems like a good time. I have only used adex and it seems most here use adex but it seems like aromasin is more forgiving with generalized dosage? I’m thinking about using it for next cycle wondering if y’all have any wisdom?

I literally just chopped a letro tab into 4 and bit off half of the quarter and my nipple soreness vanished within 2 hours. Its strong stuff.