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Letrozole Only Info


Trying to find info on using letrozole by itself. Most the info I find is in relation to use as a pct.

I’m a 35 year old male, over weight 6’ 277 pounds. Test levels are in the “normal” range but low end. Roughly around 350ish. Being I’m fat I’m sure that my estrogen is elevated as well though haven’t tested it yet.

I do workout. Currently squat around 425 to depth, and dead 455.go to gym around 3-4 times a week.so I am active. Try to eat healthy as well. Issues though is my thyroid is out of wack and on meds, also I am on anti depressants and anxiety meds.

Talk with doc was thinking of trt if I stay low, I don’t want trt. Understand this might raise test of fat guys. Also helps out with bitch tits which I’ve got.
anyone have experience or opinions on this as a stand alone?


I don’t suggest running Letro alone… Just my opinion and I’m sure others will disagree with me… First, Letro is extremely hard on the body and can kill all estrogen, which your body needs some. A lot, of people have letro on and in case of a gyno scare. When you say you have bitch tits… Is it from fat or do you have gyno? If it is fat, then maybe you should concentrate on your diet and training. I think that the focus should be geared more towards fat loss instead of how much weight you can squat and deadlift. Maybe more training days and higher intensity when you train. Are you doing cardio? That and a consistent diet will help you more than a pill. Letro is not a fat burner so it won’t magically make you skinny. I’d much rather run a TRT dose. I see that benefiting you way more than letro alone.
Personally, Letro makes me feel worse than any other stuff I have taken in a cycle. My coach had me take it for a week and It was pretty horrible. I mainly had headaches, nausea, tiredness, and nasty joint pain.

I’d suggest a good diet with training 5-6 days a week and a cardio routine wayyyyyyy before I’d say take letro alone. Or take letro at all. Hopefully this helps. Good luck.


There are a couple of studies online which have shown Letro in super small doses to raise T… I myself have experimented with Adex only a couple of times and felt better, though did not have blood work done so can’t verify serum test levels

I lost 100lbs while starting TRT with Adex and doing a keto type diet, which continually got better dialed in as time went along. I’ve kept the weight off for 3 years now which might be due to stable blood sugar levels and a reluctance to go back to the way things were.

Given your weight you may be insulin resistant so a similar diet approach might work for you also ; )

I’ll be completely candid though and say that while the AI only was better than nothing, it simply didn’t compare to being on TRT along with the AI. At least with TRT you can be methodical and choose exactly where you want your Test levels to be


Understand this won’t be a diet in a pill. Still need to work it myself on diet and exercise. Trying to keep calories around 1500-2000 (yes I know low side). Cardio is admitted lacking though and have been lowering weight, upping reps. 20 rep squats x 3 yay :frowning:

My worries though is I’m going to lose muscle that I worked hard to get. I know that’s going to be inevitable but I would love to limit it. My understanding is higher levels of T can help prevent it. Also having higher T and lower E does make for easier weightloss. Have a couple reasons I don’t want to go the TRT route. My insurance sucks and im going to pay full cost. Right now I have medicaid but that won’t last forever. Once on TRT it seems the body shuts down its own production, balls shrink up, and it turns into a life long use. That mixed with me being fat I’m guessing going to end up on an AI anyway due to conversion to estrogen.

Letro on the other hand is cheap at the local rx I can get a months supply for about 2 bucks per my insurance. They do cover it as well, and my doc is pretty cool so hoping he might be able to off label prescribe it. Once I start losing weight I’m hoping the T and E will fix themselves and I won’t need the meds. Another reason I’m hoping to avoid TRT. With Letro it seems I can stop that as long as I taper shouldn’t have much issue with E rebound.
But I agree. I know you can crush the shit out of E and I don’t want that. Thankfully though lab work isn’t that bad on price and hoping between lab work and feel we can get the dose right. But from what i am seeing for those high in E this has been amazing. Taking guys from 150-350 range on T up to 700-1300. But these are also the guys who have high e. I still need blood work to verify my estradiol levels to see if this is even going to be worth it.

For gyno. I have fat boobs, but also have hardness behind the nip. I pinch and it feels as though there is a hard ball behind. No sensitivity in my nips thankfully.

At least this was my thinking and my hope, I could be all together wrong as I don’t have experience with this stuff. Partly why I came here. You guys use day in day out. You know the meds and know how they work.


First off way to put in work despite a shitty situation. Thats a great attitude and I respect that. Why are you quick to push off trt. I understand if that it could b just another stressor you would like to avoid.

I don’t see why your estrogen would be elevated with honestly what I would consider low test. Or at the very least on the lower side. As a man your E2 levels are dependent upon testosterone being converted via enzyme activity within body. That is why dudes who take 1000 mgs of test are super susceptible to estrogen sides because there is so much test readily available for enzyme to convert. Logically you would think lower test would lead to the opposite happening.

I have heard of aromatase excess syndrome where individuals have over active aromatase enzyme but there were only a handful of documented cases and it resulted in feminization of the males and hyper feminization of females. Soo I think its safe to say thats not your problem.

The real culprit here could be the anti depressants and anxiety meds. Although I would hate to discourage you from using those especially if you need them. But perhaps look into that, different brand or dose IDK but perhaps a possible discuss with your doc. I honestly think trt would make a world of a difference. Get you at least above 500 ng/dl perhaps closer to 700. Or over 9000! Jk.

Seriously though trt couple with an awesome diet. You will lose fat, gain strength, confidence and an overall sense of well being. At least I think so. Either way good luck with your journey.

Edit: I just read why you don’t want to jump on trt. I guess financing can be difficult but if you know what you are doing you can do it on your own terms and just pay for doctor visits/bloodwork. It really isn’t that expensive. If you know how to source it you can get a years supply of trt for a couple hundred bucks well maybe more but not much more.

I don’t see how letro could do what your saying it has done. Letro is an aromatase inhibitor. That enzyme that prevents test from becoming estrogen.

I can see how your body might shut down test production if you have high e but I am unfamiliar with that. Actually ya mcurious and going to look that up now. Have you considered hypogonadism as a possibility and discussed that with your doc?


Oglbee I’m assuming on the e levels I admit, but it seems with very obese men the fat helps convert teat to estrogen. Not sure in the how but it does seem to happen. But this month I’m seeing doc, can verify then for sure.

This is about the only info though I could find on men using letrozo outside of a steroid cycle


What do you know. Its been used to treat hypogonadism. I haven’t read the article. I still think TRT is a better approach especially if treating hypogonadism. But I am not doctor and anything you do should be done with the oversight of a medical doctor. I know money is an issue which makes doctor supervision an issue. Which in that case I would suggest researching and more researching and truly figuring out what is going on with your body. The knowledge is out and there and more available then ever. I think you could find the answers your looking for and formulate a game plan to resolve your issues.

Keep chipping away at your weight and keep working for strength gains. Create short term and long term goals in regards to weight loss and strength gain. That helps visualize what you need to be doing on a daily basis. If you keep the positive attitude you will reach your goals. Just don’t give up. Wish I could help more.