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Letrozole Only Cycle?

I read this today:


and I was wondering if anyone has tried using letrozole only?

This seems very simple, even if gains would be slow and minimal, any feedback would be appreciated.

It’s an extremely horrible idea. You need some estrogen in your life. Shit, I can imagine that this would inhibit gains, so yea, they would be slow and minimal as hell!

Letro kills my joints and my libido. No thanks!

Letrozole-only “cycle”? What part of annihilating your estrogen and thus, stunting your health makes it a “cycle?”

The only thing stupider would be injecting DNP straight into the jugular.

The only thing stupider would be injecting DNP straight into the jugular.[/quote]

I guess I should stop doing this then…

[quote]ins8ibl wrote:



Take what that guys says with a grain of salt… actually a whole bunch of salt. He just take a little info and comes to conclusions to make money selling his articles, I do not respect his writings very much.
Just reading a profile on Letrozole, health effects of estrogen or the boards will tell you he is an idiot and reckless for writing that article, among others.

Well, that got shot down hard.

I was interested in a smaller than normal dose, not enough to totally shut down all estrogen, but maybe shift the testosterone / estrogen ratio a bit.

I know people have used it short term to end gyno, so it seemed reasonable…

You can try it, but it won’t do anything good.

ins8ibl: Those people were right. One of the only reasonable purposes of Letrozole is to get rid of gyno. The other is pre-contest.

Why not just use test.