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Letrozole Instead of Arimidex, is it Possible?


I have found a source of letrozole, fempro for much cheaper than arimidex and from what I have researched, the drug is quite a bit stronger than adex but it is also much cheaper for me.

Would it be feasible to incorporate this drug as my AI for my first 500 mg test monocycle? Any dosage recommendations?



sure... just start on a low dose of letro as some people it acts very strongly. try .25mg EOD


Excellent. They are 2.5 mg pills but I do have a pill cutter. Will have to cut them up into tiny little pieces it looks like.


2.5mg pill of letro? damn... ive never used the tablet version before but that sounds like a pain to chop up into 1/10ths.... there are liquid versions available....


all AI's will lower estrogen roughly 50-55%

I would just take half a pill


I just hope there aren't too many issues with having extremely low estrogen levels like joint paint. Also, not sure how toxic to the liver it is compared to adex.


crush them up into lines like you were going to snort them. Lick your finger, rub it along the line then rub your powdery finger on your tongue.

it won't be exact and it'll taste like shit but it'll work.


Every day or every other day?


it would depend on your dose. If you wanted to take .5mg (just for example), then you'd crush the 2.5mg pill into 5 lines and take one line. If you wanted a different dose, you would take more lines.

letro is powerful stuff, so I'd start small and work my way up. As I recall, I think it has quite a long half life so you should take it eod.