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Letrozole Info?


Can anyone help me out with letrozole info. I'm new to this allow. Started try replacement a few months ago with a doctor that doesn't know much and gives me what I ask for. I take the 100mg a week tt divided into two doses. My tt level never got over 180. So my estrogen was 111. I got letrozole pill 2.5mg and need advice on where to start. I know its trial and error but I need a starting point. Should I front load to or not etc.

I'm 175lbs 5'10" not over weight. Active. Tt 180 estrogen 111
100 mg tt a week divided into two doses.


I am wanting to know the same thing. Kaynon311 is taking 0.5mg EOD.


I had a blood test done about a week and a half after switching back to injections (also front-loaded the T @150mg), so the numbers aren't totally accurate as they didn't have enough time to stabilize. TT came back at 790 and E2 came back at 7. This was on 0.75mg letrozole/EOD.

I have another one scheduled for next monday and takes about a week to come back.

Current protocol:
40mg test cyp/EOD
0.5mg letrozole/EOD (RUI liquid letro research chem, which means the tolerances are lower than pharm grade)
250iu hCG/EOD

I'll let you guys know the results when I get them. There isn't a lot of data on letrozole dosage on the net with regards to TRT. Bill Roberts' cruising (off-cycle I think he's at 200mg/week) dose is 2.5mg/week. Instead of starting with this dosage, I started low since I prefer my E2 to be a bit high than to be too low.

Not sure if you should front-load letrozole or not. I know it takes quite a bit longer than aromasin or anastrozole to achieve stable levels.


Hey dude,

Do you mind telling me your E2 levels before the treatment with letro?



See pic above. Never got E2 data on exemestane.

i talk about the experience here. It's been a while ago and there have been some developments since then.


A couple of notes. The insomnia was due to my lack of testosterone absorption. I had originally attributed my insomnia to the exemestane. Although I haven't run an independant test, I think it was actually due to the fact that I wasn't absorbing the compounded cream. I know for a fact that low testosterone causes sleep issues with me.

Also, the acne issue I think was due to an progesterone deficiency. Since it started in december 2012, there has only been one instance where it dissipated, and that was when I was on the compounded cream that included progesterone. I'm using a topical progesterone cream now, and the acne is almost gone. While it may be too soon to tell, there is no placeco effect, so the fact that it's almost gone is a good sign.

As for the newest data, my new GP failed to get those labs. I recently moved to a new area, so getting her on board with all the things I request will be a new chore.