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Letrozole for TRT?


People say that letro is too strong to use with physiologically normal testosterone levels, and should only be used on steroid cycles. However, that's assuming the dose for letro is 2.5mgs per day, and the dose of adex is .5mg a day.

From my research, it seems like .25mgs of letrozole EOD keeps estrogen at a low-normal level for someone who has normal to high-normal (trt) levels of testosterone. The benefits of letro seem to be that, it'd be really really cheap - one 2.5mg pill could last someone 20 days, and that letrozole can be used at 2.5mg per day to lower estrogen further than adex, if necessary.

Can letro be used EOD, or will that cause varrying hormone levels? I know it has a shorter half life than adex. But, I don't think it's that much shorter, and people sometimes take adex twice a week.

It might seem difficult to dose .25mgs of letrozole, but you can mix the letro with alchohol, and then dose in mLs.

Has anyone here tried letro for trt? If so, how was it, and what dose did you use? Were you able to find a dose that didn't cause estrogen to be too high or too low?.


This has been discussed before. We have a lot of collective experience with anastrozole dose-response, amount needed and calculated dose changes based on lab results. The issue seems to be that some will have very strong reductions in E2 levels for the same dose compared to others. But again, we do not have much data. If you find a dose that works for you, then it works. Let us know, we need reports.

The half life will work very well with EOD dosing.