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Letrozole for Psuedogyno


I've been thinking of running letro and tapering off with nolva to see if it may help me, or would I just be better off with the letro only and just slowly taper off?

I've been checked out by my doctor, I don't have a lump underneath my nipples however I have puffy nipples that I've had since puberty, I've never done any cycles


1st, letro does not need a nolva taper. It is not an anabolic steroid and does not shut down your natural production of test.

2nd, puffy nipples could be a result of bodyfat levels. If youre fat, your pecs and nips may be puffy.

3rd, if it is estrogen related, you would want to start with arimidex and a very low dose instead of letro, because imho it is easier to dose predictively.


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I think using letro is a bad idea to treat ACTUAL gyno. I think it's a terrible idea for pseudo gyno.


Yeah, I have some experience with this. I ran my first cycle about 3 months ago and the source that I got it from gave me bunk armidex so I ended up with a little gyno and decided to cut the cycle short. Then I ordered some liquid Letro and ran the gyno protocol in the sticky exept I did'nt run the dose as I high as they outlined. It may have reduced it some its hard to tell It was never visable. But whats for sure was my sex drive was smashed for two weeks after I ran the protocol. In hindsight it probably wasnt worth it.


What was your dose? How long did you take it?

I've been wondering if the horrible sex drive is a direct result of improper dosing, scheduling, and tapering or if Letro is just a shitty drug. I keep reading its supposed to lower your E levels and slightly raise your T levels. Maybe its just not doing what it's designed to do because we don't have the mind behind Letro telling us we should take this amount based on our weight, or this amount based on our age, or this amount based on our desired results, or whatever.


You need some estrogen for libido, Letro eliminates something like 97%. Good libido is a sweet spot between too high and too low of estrogen.