Letrozole Best of Both Worlds?

First off, thanks for your wise input on this question.
Recognizing the AI benefits, and LH stimulatory effects of Letrozole,would it be possible, or is there any experience in using a reduced dose (say .5 mg twice weekly) to harness the benefits of hCG and anastrazole. It would appear a clever short cut.
Just a thought as I would like to avoid SERM meds and stave off testicular atrophy without hCG. Nothing against hCG but FDA regulatory changes may make it increasingly difficult and expensive to acquire;therefore exploring alternative strategies.
Your insights are greatly appreciated.

Letrozole is an AI and its effects are only the result of lowering E2 levels.

With more input on a situation, I often suggest 0.5mg anastrozole per week in EOD divided doses.

Letrozole dose/response is not very predictable and results can be harsh.

The result depends on ones age and HPTA responsiveness. For guys with low T and low E2, lowering E2 will only add to the misery they feel.

When you read the old studies where young normal males were given an AI and T increased, the results do not apply to every other situation.

If it works for you; great!

Obviously the benefits to those with primary hypogonadism are low.