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Letro vs. A-Dex


Hi guys, just a quick question:

I've been reeding the stickies and some of the articles in this site and other sites too, about Letro and A-dex...in all of them they talked about how good is Letro in blocking the synthesis of estrogen (like 98%)over A-dex...so my question is why in most of the posts here and in other sites, the cycles include A-dex instead of Letro? Is it due to any secondary effect of Letro or something in particular?, thanks in advance for your answers, trying to plan my first cycle...


This post could have gone in your other thread, but whatever. You know for the next time.

Adex is easier to control. Meaning that since Letro is so much more effective at preventing aromatization it is easier to 'overdose' on it and cause estrogen levels to drop too low. Zero estrogen is not something any man wants to experience, nor is it healthy.

Letro is used by many and is not something to be afraid of but the reason people adex is because it allows for a bit more room for error.

I beleive Letro is friendlier on the lipid profile compared to adex and it is certainly cheaper from a research supplier, so for many it is the better option.

I wouldn't see anything wrong with using Letro in a first cycle.


If you are, going to go with the letro you shouldn't need more that .125mg 2X a week


You are aware that AI doses are dependant on the dose of aromatizeable AAS, right?

Which would mean you can not recommend .125mg 2x per week without knowing how heavy a cycle the person is doing.

At least give an amount of testosterone to correlate to your recommendation for a letro dosing for the sake of accuracy.


To add to Bonez post - Letro has an unpredictable efficiacy, where Adex is much more predictable.

Doses range from 0.0625 to 0.75mg/day for a generic cycle of test (5-700mg/wk)..
Where Adex will likely be effective at a range between 0.25-0.5mg/day for most on that test range.

Agon, Bonez is correct to pull you up on that random post. If i was to take 0.125mg 2x/wk with an aromatisable cycle of my level, i would have a nice pair of bouncing breasts (i wish!).. i personally might use that dose when not on AAS at all.. - not to mention the fact that it takes upto 6 weeks to attain steady blood levels allowing such infrequent dosing, so 0.25mg/7 would be more effective than 0.125x2.



My cycle will be 8 weeks of 500mg of Test...but what about the Letro and the Sex boost?, Ive read it kills your Sex boost..so prob. the best thing to do is A-dex 0.25mg a day during cycle...Do you recomend have Letro handy if I start feeling gyno symptoms?


It is blatantly obvious that you do not have the slightest clue about the chemistry involved with the two drugs you are asking about.

Adex and Letro do exactly the same thing.

Do no put drugs into your body until you understand exactly what they will do once active.

Saying "you've read that letro kills your sex boost" (sex boost is a term you made up, it sounds) without saying where you read it is rather pointless. I actually know what you are referring to but that is irrelevant at this point because there are many ways to negatively impact one's sex drive when manipulating testosterone and estrogen. I feel that fully explaining it, at this point, will only further confuse you.

Asking if you should have letro in case of gyno while running Adex is unacceptable at this point. You have plenty more research to do before you start this cycle. Sorry to be so harsh but the reality is that if you had done the proper reading and absorbed the information you would be able to ask more relevant questions.


No harsh at all man..thank you for your advice!

In fact I have done a lot of research, but I know im not an expert in this field and I'm not upset about this. At 28y/o achieving a 235lbs body with 14%bf without using ANY drug means more for me than being an expert in roids.

I just have some questions to move from the plateau I am, like a lot of persons in this site have (I think this is the main purpose of the forums, here and in any other sites), that for me are relevant.

...just think that you shouldn't waste your time answering questions that you dont't think are relevant according to your expertise level.


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Wait what?

Then how would good information ever be presented?

If a question is 'dumb', than according to you, only a 'dumb' person should answer it. How is helpful to anyone?

How advanced someone is on a particular subject does not mean they can't answer basic questions.

I said your questions aren't relevant because, if you knew the relationship between Adex and Letro, you'd realize that your question is similar to asking if one should eat an orange or take a vitamin C tablet if they need more ascorbic acid in their diet (not a completely accurate analogy but the gist of my point can be had).

Regardless of how much research you think you've done, the fact is that if you have to ask if you should have letro on hand in case of gyno flare up WHILE running Adex, it shows that you still do not know the basic function and actions of the two drugs.

I don't answer people's questions to show other people that I know more about a topic than someone else. That would truly be a waste of time. I answered your question in a way that I felt would benefit you by giving you information that will allow you to do a productive google search. No one learns from getting lectured alone, independant studying must also be done so the information can be absorbed.