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Letro, Tren, Gyno


Well, I've read about how Letro can reduce your E levels and even sllightly raise your T levels. So then how come it causes libido issues? Is this because the user is taking too high a dose and causing his E levels to bottom out instead of level out?

I also know everyones body reacts different but what would be a good base dose to start with? I've read some folks taking a lot, 2.25mg ed/eod/e3d and some taking .5mg ed.

I have prog gyno. Puffy, sensitive nipples. I was taking Tren E 400mgs/wk and Dbol 25mgs/day. After 2 weeks my nipples started getting puffy and sensitive so I dropped the dbol and ran nolva at a low 20mgs a day which stopped the sensitivity and even cleared some acne I was starting to get on my quads. I stopped after a few days when it stopped and then I noticed my nipples started getting sensitive again so I decided to order some letro. I am still taking the Tren at the same dose. As the days go by my nips seem a little less sensitive but still puffy. Which makes me think I should have ran the nolva a little longer. Maybe I had a little rebound? Maybe I didn't take it till it was gone completely like you do when your taking medication for staph?

Anyways, I know this is kind of all mixed up. I apologize. I'm at work trying to type this out on my phone during my lunch break.

So, question 1, What's a good letro base dose to feel around with?
question 2, Is letro the best thing to take while taking Tren E?
question 3, What has been yalls experience with Letro?
question 4, I know you can't get rid of gyno without surgery but does Letro reduce the swelling/puffieness from prog gyno permenantly? (I don't have any lumps and I read a few folks saying it reduced their gyno.)


Letro isn't going to do anything for progesterone gyno, Tren doesn't aromatize to estrogen. You need to get some cabergoline (dostinex) .5mg E3D and see what happens.




Damnit, bobby. This makes me feel dumb because I know tren doesn't aromatise. When I was reading about letro it was praised for reversing gyno(relieving some puffiness) and surpressing E. I don't remember reading anything about preventing aromatization. it didn't even hit me till I read your reply that when shopping around for letro it was under the AI category. V8 slap.

So caber? Preciate it, brother. Looks like I've got more reading in my future. I know nada about caber.


Read about prolactin and dopamine agonists. Tren shouldn't cause prolactin issues, but with UG lab gear it is certainly possible.


I don't understand where this opinion came from. People have been getting prolactin issues with Tren for years and years. And where are you buying this non UGL tren? There's no such thing as human grade tren. And why would people be counterfeiting Tren with something that causes prolactin issues, but these issues never seem to show up with fake Test?


Also.. The reason for Nolva is to get your body to start creating it's own Test again after being surpressed by the Tren, correct? So, why would having Nolva on hand benifit you if you started having troubles with Tren?

And I haven't found a clear picture on what a good PCT for Tren would be. I suppose mainting a good diet and supplementation, not overtraining, rest, nolva for reversing natural Test suppression.. sounds like there's something missing. What would ya'll add and why?


Really? I doubt even 10 % of people with "issues" got a blood test to see if prolactin was elevated. So youre going off someone elses guess as to what thr problem is.

Anyway Op said hes having a problem with progesterone, not prolactin. If you can point me in the direction of literature showing how a dopamine agonist effects progesterone, id appreciate it.

Op. Heres what i think. Elevated progesterone by itlsef shouldbt be able to cause gyno. Progesterone ans estrogen together can. So you can use an ai to control estrogen and avoid gyno. Or you can use a serm to prevent estrogenic acticty in the mammary glad and precent gyno that way. The second option is almost sure to work.

There is a big issue in your plan to run tren only. Why do you think thats a good idea? Im not going into detail on something you should reserach youraelf but a replacement dose of test, dbol, or hcg would be wise


Read this: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_gear/tren_and_progesterone_receptor_activation

The rest of what you said is based on a misunderstanding of my post.