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Letro Sides?

I have searched comprehensively and I cannot find the answer I am looking for.

Can you outline the side effects of letrozole.

Is a dizzy head one of the side effects?

Could taking a full 2.5mg tab every 4 days cause dizziness, lethargy and headache?

Thanks in advance.


Horse’s mouth.

Yes and yes are the answers to your questions as well.

Time to hit the nolva :slight_smile:

Nolvadex and letrozole dont even do the same thing. They arent interchangeable.

They`ll stop me growing a rack though :wink:

Cute but in all seriousness gyno is not a laughing matter. Pray you always take precautions and never get it. If you ever do I assure you you wont be winking

Seriously. Every med has sides, deal with it.

If you do develop gyno, look forward to letro, because it’s the only med that will also reverse (mild) gyno. Anything more than mild and you look forward to surgery instead (or shopping for a bra, since you’re scared of side effects from an FDA approved med, you would shit yourself thinking about surgery).

Ill use nolva until my adex arives I always have nolva and proviron to hand. I thought Id give the letro a shot as it seems to be more effective than adex… unfortunately the sides are too much to deal with and live a normal, functioning and productive life.
Thankyou very much for the constructive comments.
Take care :wink:

While I have no idea about letrozole and dizziness from anything but what I’ve read, while on other medications that cause dizziness, Dramamine has helped me a lot.

Depending on the physiological cause of the dizziness, this may or may not help with letro.

I hope it does.