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Letro Question

30 years old training on and off for 15 years. Had over 12 operations on shoulders and knee due to football injuries. Have not been under the knife for 3 years now. Have had 3 solid years of training. Currently weigh 88kg at 175cm, not sure of body fat (do have some abdominal definition. Bench 120kg, Stiff dead 180kg Squat not worth mentioning due to knee.
Steroid experience includes 3 very light cycles:

  1. 10 weeks of 1ml of sustanon 250 Nova PCT
  2. 10 weeks of 1ml of sustanon and deca 200ml Nova PCT (did this twice)
    Im happy where i am at in relation to past injuries i have had in the past.

About to start next proper cycle consisting of:
week 1-10 Deca 250ml/week
Week 1-12 Sustanon 650ml/week (injecting Monday and Thursday)
Week 1-4 Dianabol 20mg a day
Start PCT 3-4 weeks after last sustanon injection.
20mg of Novadex ED for 4 weeks (do not have enough Novadex to start at 40mg for the 1st 2 weeks)
and HCG 1500iu spead over 4 weeks injecting every 3rd day.
Liquid letrozole starting at .625 ED

Now finally for my questions

  1. When should i start the Letro? 1st week of cycle to allow blood levels get right?
  2. Do i continue letro right to the end of the PCT? do i tapper it during PCT? or once i finish my last shot of sustanon?
  3. When tapering should i take it every second day then every third?

Thanks for your help!

I would use the letrozole right from the start.

I would drop back to about 0.36 mg/day letrozole the first day after the last testosterone injection. I don’t see a need to taper it after that unless there is reason to think that estrogen levels are dropping abnormally low.

Now as to the overall plan, particularly if by 12 weeks you mean you’re still going to be injecting Sustanon Mon and Thur of week 12 (but even if not) your on-cycle plan has reasonable likelihood of giving poor recovery. So if you’re bound and determined to do this, then some HCG during the PCT may be called for else you’ll be feeling like crap, though in general I prefer for HCG to not be used during that time.

However, if you’re going to do that, then it would be best to use the minimum amount of HCG needed to maintain normal testosterone. For example 100-125 IU every other day. If I understood your plan correctly you were already planning on a total weekly dose similar to that (averaging 375 IU/week?) so that would be okay if so.

Thanks for the information, will follow accordingly