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Letro Pre-Cycle


I have been using .25mg of Letro everyday for about 8 months now as a testosterone booster (with pretty good results too) but now that I have a cycle coming up I'm a bit stuck. I was planning on using Letro during my cycle to combat E but I don't know how to go about changing my plan to account for any adaptations that may have occurred. I could increase the dosage while on cycle, but how much? Or I could taper off the letro now and stick with normal dosage but I don't know how long I should wait between the taper and the cycle. Or do I even need to change anything?

For those interested:
12-14% BF (3-fold caliper)
24yrs old
Been training regularly since 16 but I didn't know wtf I was doing until probably 2.5-3 years ago when I got interested in reading about working out, why to do certain things, ect.

Don't have the exact numbers from blood work but I went from low-normal range Test (pre letro) to just above high-normal while on the letro. Free estrogen returned to normal range a while ago and has remained there for at least 4 months (as far back as I'm positive). Last blood work was done 2 weeks ago for a different reason but everything is still normal.


As only a rule of thumb for coming up with an estimated starting dose, which should be followed by a blood test about 2 weeks later and then possibly an adjustment of dose depending on results, I figure a good value to be to take the planned dosage of testosterone per week and divide it by 200 mg/week -- e.g. if planning on using 500 mg/week, then the first number is 2.5 -- and then multiply your off-cycle maintenance dose by this.

If the calculated value is over 1.25 mg/day then just start with 1.25 mg/day.

So for example if you are planning on using 750 mg/week of testosterone per week, I would figure (750/200) * 0.25 mg/day = 0.94 mg/day, which can be rounded to 1 mg/day.

If on the other hand you have previous experience, including blood test, with letrozole and a given amount of testosterone use, then go with that experience.

You would not need to taper off of letrozole beforehand.


Thank you very much for the response Bill. I will go with that.