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Letro on Cycle with Confirmed Gyno

I’m running a cycle of Test e, Tren E, and eq. 2 pins a week Monday and Thursday 3ml injections. This is not my first cycle.
Test 500mg/wk 1-16wks
Eq 600mg/wk 1-16wks
Tren 400mg/wk 1-12wks.
Letro 2.5 e3d
Started with anazol eod

I have my PCT of nolva, clomid, and hcg ready to go afterwards. I weight 200lbs now low bf% I’m just starting my 4th week of the cycle. last time I ran this cycle I got to about 225-230lbs I don’t know if that helps this question. I have gyno from when I was younger and also improperly PCTing my first cycle. Left side is harder to tell besides puffy nipple but right side has always had a small lump.
I started with anazol and my buddy recommended since I have gyno use Letro on cycle instead so I got some. I have little experience with Letro but have read a lot about it and what it does. I started two doses ago with 2.5mgs each then split in half to try the 1.25mgs e3d. I started noticing headaches through out the day with the 2.5mgs. I guess my question is should I stick with lower doses of Letro till I find that sweet spot or do I hope on adex or aromasin. I also don’t want to shut my estrogen down. Will be getting labs in a week or two. And I’ve also noticed more then normal puffiness of the bitch nips.

Others will advise u properly , but I always thought letro is way way to harsh to use consistently during a cycle. I have some but only for severe estrogen emergencies where gyno might be flaring up bad. I think they will tell u to stop letro and do nolva 20mg/day. Following to learn as well on this.

Low estrogen can cause headaches and breast tenderness btw from what I’ve read. Just google symptoms of low estrogen and see if they apply for yourself.

Thank you for the reply but with someone with gyno already I have been reading it may be better but then also it sounds like everyone opinions. I haven’t seen a real solid answer. I do have plenty of adex now maybe possibly switching to 1mg eod would be good.

You’re taking EQ, which has a documented history of acting as an AI. You’re taking tren, which has a documented history of causing prolactin-related gyno (and other nasty sides). You’re taking letro, which is an atomic bomb for e2. Your buddy recommended letro to prevent gyno even though you have Nolva on hand. Nolva works for this exact situation. You are extremely out of your depth here. You’re going to obliterate your e2–which is something you need for proper gains and overall health—in order to combat a problem whose solution is fairly straightforward.

What do you recommend I do then is what I’m asking. I’ve tapered the letro down and have adex 1mgs on hand and or nolva. From what I heard running nolva with tren is a no go. Thank you for the advice.

Since your saying eq acts as an AI would it be okay to drop to adex .5 eod?