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Letro + Nolva + Clomid for Gyno


I've had puberty gyno, naturally occured, for over 5 years. Recently I started to taking 20 mg nolvadex per day and also 50 mg clomid for a while, but now I dropped clomid since I've heard that it doesn't do any good in stack with nolvadex.

Since I haven't noticed any changes whatsoever so far, I'm getting letrozole. I still have some nolvadex and clomid left, so I was wondering if I could stack them with letro? I've heard that nolva supress letro effect, but on the other hand, I've heard that this is just a myth. Please, argument this.

This is what I've thought for:
1.25 mg letro per day untill gyno is gone (2.5 mg if 1.25 mg won't work)
20 mg nolva per day alongside
50 mg clomid per day alongside

Tappering down:
1st week: 0.625 mg letro, 20 mg nolva, 50 mg clomid
2nd week: 0.3125 mg letro, 20 mg nolva, 25 mg clomid
3rd week: 20 mg nolva, 25 mg clomid
4th week: 10 mg nolva

What do you think guys?