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Letro Dosing


Decided to give letro a try.

What I have came as 2.5mg tablets (little tiny tablets)

I understand a good dose is about .25 EOD, about 1/10 of a pill.

Any ideas how I can get this amount? There is really no way I can cut a tab that small into 10 pieces.

Smash it into powder and divide it up into lines on a mirror with a razor blade???



I would definitely go with liquid suspension as Bill Roberts does. Sorry that doesn't help your current situation unless you just order some liquid suspension and keep the tabs aside.


I have been dubious about the effectiveness of various 'research chems' I have tried and wanted to be a little more assured of pharm grade.

I did a little research and letro seems to be insoluble into anything I would want to ingest (which also leads me to wonder what the 'research chem' suspensions are made of)


The chemicals are suspended in the liquid, not disolved. I doubt the liquid can be that bad...


The liquid chems are much easier to dose and I also prefer ED dosing to keep blood levels nice and steady. However,if you already have the tabs you have some options.

You could quarter the tabs and take a quarter tab EOD. This would put your weekly dose at 2.1875 mg/week. A quarter tab ED would be 4.375 mg/week. I'm not sure if you are using this on cycle or off. But I would use the EOD option while off and the ED option while on.

You could also use a mortar and pestle to mix a tab, or number of tabs, with another powder, like powdered sugar for example. You would need to figure out what dose you want to take everyday or every other day and then...well Ill just use an example.

Say you want to take .357 mg/ED, this ends up being 2.5 mg/week. You would then decide what you consider a reasonable amount in grams to ingest everyday of your mix of powder, lets use the powdered sugar for this example, and tablet. Lets say you want to take 5 grams of powder mix a day, which is about a teaspoon I believe. You have 7 doses per tablet so 5 grams x 7 doses = 35 grams of powder mixed with a single tablet.

If this doesn't make sense let me know and I will try and make myself a little more clear.


Good question. I seem remember Bill Roberts saying he uses liquid suspension from a chem research lab. Maybe he could clarify. I have used Adex to date and while I don't know how successful I was at finding the optimal dose, I was at least able to ward of sensitive nipples that I developped during the dbol kickstart phase of my recent test e cycle. Libido was off during much of the cycle so I suspect I may have had an E2 level that was either marginally high or low during much of the cycle.

I had achy knees at a later point and subsequently lowered the Adex dose until the knees were fine again. So I experienced too high and too low E2 during the cycle and tried to adjust accordingly.

Ironically I am now in my last 100mg/w test prop stasis week prior to tapering for 6 weeks as PCT 80/60/50/40/30/20 mg per week and my libido has been fantastic. The libido improvement started a few days after I switched from test E during cycle to an add-on week of test prop at 0.75mg/d (frontloaded with a single 250mg shot).


NO, I understand - it's pretty close to what I was thinking myself, but just looking for someone to check my thinking.


Actually there is a published pharmaceutical value that does appear on an industry-related webpage for the solubility of letrozole in ethanol, and it is by no means insoluble. So yes one can dissolve the letrozole within already-purchased tablets into ethanol as a means of making it easy to dispense small doses.

Not sure if ancillaries would fall under the "no source" rule. To be better safe than sorry then, I'll phrase it as I use the ancillaries from the guys.


Thanks Bill,

I suppose I will try to dissolve into whatever amount of ethanol it takes, do the math and be all set.

Perhaps next time, I'll avoid the hassle and give "the guys" a try.


The solubility reported by Novartis is 21 mmol/L in 96% ethanol.

That would be 192 proof.

If you can acquire 190 proof, that would be just about identical.

That is nearly 6 mg/mL. Now, there's no reason to push it: 2.5 mg/mL would be entirely reasonable to aim for.

I'd expect straight ethanol to also be able to dissolve the 2.5 mg/mL.

I would not assume 180 proof would necessarily be very close to the 192 proof for ability to dissolve letrozole. There could potentially be a large dropoff. With less than 180 proof I wouldn't try this route at all.


Thanks Bill,

I have some Everclear and will give it a try. Glad to hear it will only take a few ml - last time I made up some liquid anavar, I went with the "if some is good, more is better" method and arrived at work every morning with alcohol on my breath!?!?!?


As long as it is the 190 proof Everclear you should be OK.

Assuming you wish to use a low dose such as say 0.357 mg/day (which works out to 2.5 mg/week) it might be more convenient actually to make it more dilute than the above: for example 0.357 mg/mL or double that, 0.704 mg/mL, so that the dose would be 1/2 mL.

If doing it at 2.5 mg/mL, 1/7th mL (about 0.14 mL) tends not to be quite as accurately metered out from commonly available things such as 100 IU insulin syringes, or even more so, medicine droppers.

Even one full mL of alcohol is only 1/28th of an ounce (roughly), or 1/28th of a "drink" and so is essentially nothing.