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Letro Dose


Hey guys, wanted some opinion on Letro dose. I have 1mg pills that are easily split into .5mg. I may be able to split them in half again but I'm not sure how well that woul work out. I wanted to try and take .25 EOD, but not sure that would work out. What are thoughts on taking letro .5mg every 3rd or 4th day? Or should I just try for .25mg?


From what I have seen (though I personally use either anastrozole or exemestane), many users dose letrozole daily, despite its half-life of roughly two days.

In my limited experience with letro, .25mg/day showed no issue, either estrogenic or due to estrogen being too low.

Other, more experienced users, will doubtlessly have some more direct advice.


I was advised EOD; my issue though is with the mg. Like I said, it will be a little bit of a challenge for me to do 25mg as opposed to .5mg since my tabs are 1mg each.


I, personally, have had little issue splitting pills into quarters, even by hand.

This, I think, should not be a problem.