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Letro Cycle for Gyno


I'm currently running the letro cycle from the gyno sticky for some well established gyno that I would say is mild. Lesson learned is always keep nolvadex on hand regardless of whether you think you'll need it or not kids. I tried it to see if it would work so I could avoid surgery. I've been on the Letro for probably 5 weeks now. I've seen the gyno go down some but not dramatically.

Anyone out there do this cycle or knows enough about gyno, letro etc. that can tell me how long I should stay on this stuff? I want to give it enough time to work, but if it's done all it's going to do I don't want to keep taking the letro. Sorry if this question has been asked. I looked through a lot of posts and din't see it, but I admit there's a lot & I didn't make it through all of them.

Also curious what the surgery costs and how much recovery time one would need? Thanks.


Can we change these damn stickies please?


Indeed, they are incredibly misleading, especially involving gyno


So are you guys saying I shouldn’t expect much from this cycle? I have seen multiple sources including the sticky that say that letro can reduce or eliminate gyno. I thought since mine was mild I’d have a shot. If I could get some direct feedback pertaining to my questions that would be great. I’m pretty much a novice concerning AS and would appreciate it. Thanks.


You wouldn’t happen to be related to this guy, would you?

WRT your topic, it probably will not work and will make you feel like shit. Are you even sure you have an actual growth of breast tissue and not just some fatty deposit?


IME (yes) using an AI will reduce the size of your gyno (mammory tissue).

I honestly have written this in the sticky a couple of times at least - and in numerous threads but here goes:

Simply that once you have a small case of gyno (not just estrogenic fat deposits), then estrogen that is in your body will all work at that receptor (among many others) to increase or maintain it’s size. If there is not much estrogen then there will be no growth of course - and if you are using 1g of aromatisable AAS, then there surely will.

What i have found is this - when using AAS (aromatisable) my gyno lumb swells some, but ONLY temporarily, as when i discontinue the drugs, it drops down to its regular size. This is due to the fact that while there is not enough estrogen acting at the receptor to increase the gland, there is enough to aggravate or inflame it somehow.
Thios is further backed by the SAME thing happening with Tamoxifen - which has an antagonist action at the receptor (in the breast among others). So when on Tamox it swells ever so slightly, but reduces back when stopping use.

Now, if i use an AI post cycle (or when Test levels are not significantly above natural) i find that the gyno is further reduced… not so much that the tissue is removed or ‘cured’ but that it is made as small as it can be for the actual mass it is.
I believe this is due to there being almost zero activity at that receptor due to the source of the Estrogen being ‘cut off’.

Now none of this is very scientific (i am not degree educated like many here), but i am sure this is what is going on - and in my limited knowledge in that specific area - it fits.

Any activity at the receptor serves to aggravate or maintain the growth. Very little activity seems to allow it to shrink - temporarily - as when estrogen is allowed to rise once again, it will of course act as it does - to increase the size slightly.

I am NO talking about gyno growth of mammory gland tissue here… i am talking about a mild but noticeable increase and decrease of volume.

(It should be made known that my gyno is not visible to others - only by touch and only on palpation).

So - yes Letro works to a degree - although only for small issues, and only temporarily. You do NOT need 2.5mg a day. you need a fraction of that to drop Estrogen to very low levels EVEN on cycle!

There is never a need to run 2.5mg - maybe unless you are using it for it’s primary prescribed purpose.


Brook, start a new thread with that post to replace the old sticky. It’s misleading to have old information up, I’m sure the mods will agree.


It is quite a job to write a sticky - and that post is nowhere near enough. (much of the original sticky is perfectly fine for harvesting mind you).

If you want to do that - by all means copy the text and call it yours… I just can’t add any more writing to my day.

But for me it will be a pass i am afraid. :slight_smile:


Egnatiosj, this howiefeltercoch must be a cousin or something lol. It is gyno. My left nip is swollen,sore and pointy and my right one is the same plus a small hard lump and they never used to be like that. It showed up after I ran winny & primo of all things. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem and got caught with no PCT when it happened.

Brook, thanks for the info my friend. I think I’ll let it ride for a while and see if I can get it down to an acceptable level. I could probably deal with it if they got to where it sounds like yours are at. If not I may opt for surgery at some point.