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Letro Blast Pre-Contest


Hey All.

Been a little while since i posted a thread. Currently a little under 4 weeks out from my show and everthing is going smoothly (Would have liked to be a little leaner by this point but its my first show cut so I'm still working out whats best). I'm getting everything sorted for peak week. My question is whats the go with blasting letro to dry out? I havent been able to find a clear protocol for the last few weeks (some say 2.5mg EOD for 1 week then ED for the week of the show).

Input would be appreciated.


I'd ask Shadow Pro


Google protocol on sodium loading I used that when I competed in the INBA its a good drug free way of drying out and getting nice and full


Had a quick read, seems like a pretty good idea. I've got my coach doing all my food and what not so he'll be adjusting sodium. I dont know much about drying out pre-contest so just want to dust up on it before I get into it.


Shadow advised 2.5mg ed for 10-14 days pre-contest so nothing too complicated. Will chat with my coach and get his opinion.