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Letro Before, During, or After a Cycle


Hi guys,

I've got some gyno that I've had for a long time. I haven't done a cycle in a while because I wanted to read up more on estrogen control. I'm going to be doing an Oral Turanabol cycle (TBOL) which doesn't aromatize and I'll be taking some Arimidex along with it just to make absolutely sure since I'm so sensitive to estrogenic side effects. My PCT will consist of Aromasin and Nolva for several weeks.

I now have three possibilities for the letro:

1) Take the letro before starting anything else and get the gyno under control first
2) Take the letro during my cycle which would get rid of the gyno with potentially less libido shutdown
3) Take the letro after my cycle during PCT

From what I know about letro, option 2 makes the most sense but I just wanted to run it past you guys in case I am misinformed.

In case you require cycle details:
W 1-6 50mg TBOL ED
W 1-6 0.125mg Arimidex ED
W 7-8 25mg Aromasin ED, 40mg Nolva day 1, 30mg Nolva ED
W 9-10 12.5mg Aromasin ED, 20mg Nolva ED
W 11-12 12.5mg Aromasin EOD, 10mg Nolva ED




terrible plan.

6 weeks of tbol will shutdown T production, or at least significantly suppress it.

That alone will drive estrogen down because there wont be anything to aromatize.

Adding an AI on top of that makes no sense. An AI as strong as letrozole (arimidex is anastrozole, btw. You shouldnt be confusing them at this point as you've been here a while)

You already have an AI included in your PCT (which you absolutely should taper off) to prevent estrogen rebound. And the nolvadex will ensure that you dont get any estrogenic activity at the breasts.

6 weeks of PCT for a low dose 6 week cycle is absurd. Completely unnecessary. You should be completely off the AI before PCT ends.


Hi Bonez,

You misunderstood something about my post and it might have been my fault for not being clear. I know the difference between Letro and Arimidex. I was going to take Arimidex during my cycle and then Aromasin and Nolva during PCT. However, I do have some Letro on hand and wanted to find some way to incorporate it to help eliminate the gyno I currently have.

Perhaps I can rephrase my question. I want to do six weeks of oral tbol at 50-60mg a day. I have nolva, letro, arimidex, and aromasin on hand. My goal is to get the benefits of the tbol, reduce or eliminate my gyno, and minimize any loss of sex drive while doing so. How would you go about doing this if you were in my position?


Adding arimidex to an oral cycle is a bad idea. You will probably feel like crap too. As for the gyno, you CANNOT eliminate it or permanently reduce it with drugs, even letrozole. The best you can do apart from surgery is to shrink it down temporarily. If you are really concerned about gyno on cycle, you could run nolva from the start, which would shrink down your existing gyno and stop it from getting worse. This would leave your sex drive intact unlike letrozole. Being on nolva the whole time is not optimal for PCT, but its only 6 weeks so I think it would be ok. Reducing the nolva and adding clomid during PCT may help with this.

You gyno is probably not as bad as you think, but if it really bothers you or is noticeable, you will need surgery.


I would get gyno surgery.

Then run AAS like theyre supposed to be run.

I dont think tanking E2 levels for extended time periods is the best way to eliminate gyno (IF it will even work; IMO its hit or miss and not worth the risk/hassle)


I appreciate the advice about the surgery but I've read countless posts regarding people who significantly reduced or even eliminated their gyno using Letro. Why jump to surgery if I can try this as a last resort? I just don't know when I should incorporate it. That's what I really want to know. Before, during, or after. Also, I have read several posts that documented people using TBOL and got gyno from it (even though it's understood that it does not aromatize). Most suggested to run an AI like Arimidex with it (just in case) especially if you're gyno prone.

Letro is the most powerful drug out there to reduce or eliminate gyno. What should I do if I want to try it before resorting to surgery?


tbol doesnt aromatize. people who got gyno from had fake tbol. same reason people have gotten gyno from var. it was swapped with dbol, the cheapest steroid available.

if you dont trust your source it's pretty stupid to put their products in your body.

IIRC there is more than one thread on letro "cycles" for gyno reduction.


By all means go ahead and try letrozole, but remember this: the gyno will come back eventually! Esp. if you keep using gear. Think about it, letrozole is an AI, it does not kill cells in breast tissue. Any gyno reduction effects are from dropping your estrogen levels to zero. All this does is cause the tissue to shrink. When estrogen levels eventually rise, the tissue will come back to normal size.


OK, so let's say I want to try it and see. Let's say I'll do a 6 weeker of TBOL and only use the Adex if the gyno starts getting worse for whatever reason. PCT will be Nolva and Aromasin. At what point would I incorporate the Letro to see if it has any worthwhile effect?