Letro, Bad for a 19Y/O? Bone Growth?

I was on letro to specifically combat drug-caused gyno (no, not steriods. anti-psychotics did it to me), but does this drug have any side effects on your bone growth? I hear it can delay your growth plates from fuzing while using it.

So basically, am I going to die from my bones continuing to grow and grow? How long does it take letro to leave your body? I purchased it from Ar-r products a while ago, and I stopped taking it after about two months. (didnt work. prolactin caused gyno)


Anti-estrogens have been used to promote growth in pubescent boys. I don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as non-stop growth goes and, in any case, you stopped using it. It’s half-life is about 2 days so it clears up very quickly.

If you have prolactin-caused gyno (confirmed by a prolactin blood test) you can ask your doctor about taking a dopamine agonist like Cabergoline, which lower prolactin levels effectively.