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Letro and Nolva vs. Clomid

Alright well I’ve been reading a few research studies and articles done over the years and since I’ve never actually ran any of these compounds except clomid I figured I would get some outside insight.

Lets start with letro, I know alot ( ALOT) of people say stay the hell away from it since it kills your joints and sex drive BUT thats at the max dosage, so why not half the dosage or even take 1/4 the dosage to still get the effects?
From what I’ve read online through forums and studies it can actually raise test and a few other helpful hormones quite a bit even at lower dosages.
So my main question is, Has anyone tried low dose letro as an AI on cycle?? results?

Now on to the big debate online, and I KNOW its subjective and varies from person to person.
Nolva vs. Clomid for PCT.
According to studies 20mg of nolva is comparable to 150mg of clomid.
So my big question is why does everyone say do 40/40/20/20 ( nolva protocol) but then others say do 100/100/50/50 ( clomid protocol)?
If 20mg of nolva = 150mg of clomid that equates to you doing 300/300/150/150 of clomid??
And I why just quit cold turkey?? whynot add a 5th week in there completely tapering off of nolva or clomid at a lower dose??

Im just asking questions here for the sake of asking haha, I would like to know everyones take on letro as I will be doing a show in a few months and will get it dry out, Plus if I do decide to use an AI on cycle it seems alot more cost efficient to use low dose letro since I would only need one bottle vs. two or even three of other AI’s.

just playing devils advocate haha

^honestly, people use those tamoxifen and clomiphene PCT’s because that’s what everyone keeps saying to use, and they blindly follow.

many stack the 2, with no legit reason as to why they do, also.

most research shows that tamoxifen is more effective at a lower dose, and it doesn’t cause downregulation like clomiphene does…

just my .02.

EDIT: however, it’s still better to see people over-do PCT instead of doing nothing at all, at least…

Lets just get this at the top of the page again.