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Letro and HCG


As stated in the AI Section

Now I was planning on HCG @ 200-250 IU in the middle of my cycle. Having Tren in the mix I'm figuring on Letro as my AI. Now after reading this I'm feeling like I should down the dose of HCG.



200-250 IU, how often?

If one time, that won't do much.

If three times per week, that's a perfectly reasonable and effective dose.

If daily, it's at the high end but acceptable. It may not yield any more T than half the dose would, though.


Oh.. my bad.

200-250 IU e3d

I was thinking with adding the Letro and Letro's ability to increase LH will the HCG need to be the same or would a lower dose do the trick?



If I where you i would try and maybe get my hands on some xenodex, it has 1mg of anastrozole, 20mg letrozole, and 10mg of Tamox in each capsule, they are the best i have ever taken:)

At the minute i am running a 400mg testoviron (1.5ml every six days) with a 300mg deca (1.5ml every 6 days) and it's keeping me really dry:)



How much of that crap are you taking a day?

off the top of my head I think the Tamoxifen messes with the Letro and Adex. Also the Adex @ 1mg should be spread out over 4 days.


i just take 1 eod


WOW! i would like to see you in 2 years and see just how stacked you are dood!

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its working great for me, just thought i'd mension it to you .


Drugs like Anastrazole work by blocking the production of estrogens in the body by binding to the enzyme aromatase.

Aromatase inhibitors are more desirable then estrogen receptor blockers like tamox and clomid because they function as true anti-estrogens and do not share the undesirable estrogen agonist activity but when you put them together they work fine, niether one ruins the other.

and 1mg is fine to take eod, so i dnt know were you have got 250mg a day from, i realise that, that is the recomended dosage but trust me its fine.


AI/SERM Sticky

I'm not printing this as a fact. It's just something I read here on the forums under the AI and SERM Sticky.


I'm not sure, to be honest buddy, i have been taking arimidex on its own for a long time and i feel that the xenodex works really well (better than arimidex) for me so i don't think that this infromation is 100% correct, or maybe this only happens when the dosage of tamox is increased above 20mg ed. I dont know...

But why would they place the three together in one capsule??

I have no idea, think you should maybe try and get some though buddy... i think they are awesome :slight_smile:


So taking an anti aromatase and an estrogen is not an issue? AND is there ANY benefit in taking 3 drugs when just one AI will work just fine?

Uh.. it is a little high actually, on its own it is a little high - only a little. With letrozole it is lowering your estrogen to levels that will be harmfully low.

who said 250mg? Of what? I do knopw that if you are really dosing 20mg of letro then not only are further AI/SERM's needed but you could do with a estradiol injection!!

Recommended dosage of what? What are you talking about?

Trust you? lololololll!

You obviously have copied a large part of that post and are obviously clueless when it comes to dosing AAS and their ancillaries.
You are surprised that you get further estrogen suppression from adding Letro and Tamoxifen than just using Adex alone? Wow, can i borrow the books you read?

Maybe, just maybe 'they' put all those in one capsule to charge large amounts to stupid dipshits who think that more is better..

Get a grip child. Stop this nonsense. You take what you like and as much as you like - but go talk about it elsewhere.



The HCG will on its own, independent of LH production, stimulate T production to probably the high normal level.

Without the letrozole, the combination of this testosterone plus the estrogen resulting from an average degree of aromatization would in most cases reduce LH greatly.

With the letrozole, the estrogenic inhibition will be much reduced and so LH should not be suppressed as much. It might well remain in the mid-normal range. I tend to expect so and am following a somewhat similar protocol myself now, but have not had LH tested yet to verify.

I don't think it's too much HCG regardless of also maintaining, we hope, normal LH thanks to the letrozole.


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I'm simply trying to say that if the guy wants to try arimidex then maybe he should try some xenodex.

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"Uh.. it is a little high actually, on its own it is a little high - only a little. With letrozole it is lowering your estrogen to levels that will be harmfully low."

no... its not harmfully high, I may run into a few problems with prolonged usage... worst case i'm going to get high levels of oestrogen when i come off. do you even no what you are talking about?

or do you just regurgitate little bits of what other people say.

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1mg over 4days is 250mcg mr know-it-all

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