Letrazole Long Term?

Hey guys ok, so I’m new on here and I’ve have a few questions that some of you may be able to help with me with? I have had some issues with my SHBG and my Oestradol and over the last 18 months have been working with a private dr to help reduce it. T ( 27/28 nmol) and Free T (0.5 nmol) were ok aswell as LH (6.91) and Progesterone. I was coming in around 230 pml Oestradol and SHBG 60 nmol and I’m a 30 yr male 5”10 around 160lbs so I’m not a huge guy body fat around 12/13%.

I fell into some depression which I think was due to the Estradiol being sky high. I which came on suddenly so after invistagting everything we found out the imblance. Short summary Anastrazole didn’t work that well came down to around 160 at 2mg per (started at 1 but it didn’t move below 200) day and moved over to Letrazole which after taking for a while seemed to work it halved 107pml but then everything spiked which seemed to be because I had to high a dosage 2.5mg per day! I’ve had various tests and tons of blood and DNA profiling to see why it’s elevated but Drs don’t know why. So with all that I was wondering has any of you guys used Letrazol long term and would you recommend anything to bring down my SHBG? Like i mentioned I’m working with a private dr and it’s very much trial and error.

I’ve read online and books and have a fair understanding of the male hormone system but I don’t know much about the medication and AS when they are being being thrown at you. It was a last resort for me as I’ve tried DIM, Calcium D gluterate and Nettle root I don’t heat up food in or drink in plastics and I only drink filtered water with around a 5% decrease in figures so I thought speaking to people on here with no hidden agender may help.

PS I have never taken AS before but I do train regularly



Ok so before I give up on here I was offered Proviron but it’s now stopped being produced in the U.K. So my question is is there anything other than Letrozole that would help bring my SHBG down? I have mild Gyno

Are you using hcg?

There is a lot of OTC supplements and things to tweak in your diet that can bring your shbg down. If your looking for drugs to do it proviron, and masteron are probably the best and least harsh on your body.

No I’m not using HCG, originally I used DHEA with Arimidex and I found that my T just increased slightly outside the normal range but free T was good. Oestradol only took around a 20% decline so that’s when we increased the dose and eventually moved over to Letrozole.

Proviron we can’t get here in the UK anymore we tried 1 dose at a very low range and it did nothing but that was 25mg per day and SHBG didn’t budge. I haven’t looked into Masteron do you think that can help reduce those levels without an increase in Oestradol? As that is my aim to have Oestradol under 100 and SHBG in the normal parameters.

Idk what the ranges are on the testosterone and free T levels?

Masteron actually has some anti estrogen properties. I’m not entirely sure how it works I don’t think it lowers estrogen but somehow prevents new estrogen somehow.

You need to be careful tho because using these drugs can suppress natural testosterone. Have you thought about TRT?

Yes you can maybe not from a doctor or legally but you can def order it online.

As far as the letrozole question I honestly have no idea I don’t know much about it besides that it’s a harsh drug and needs to be dosed properly.

T is 27/28 nmol last check it’s actually sittin at 30, and free T around 0.5/0.6. My Lh is decent 6.91 iu/L and my Free Androgen Index is 57. I haven’t taken anything since last year but I’m in talks to revisit the meds as Oestradol has spiked back up, lowest I got it was just over 100 which was still not as low as the Dr wanted but none the less it was in the normal range which without meds it hasn’t been

I wouldn’t think Trt would be beneficial to me as my natural T production is good atm it’s the Oestradol that’s the problem?

It sounds like your doctor knows what he’s doing. I can’t imagine he would put you on letro long term if there was some kind of major health implications associated with it.

I wonder why he didn’t try aromasin before letorzole. The whole thing is just a bit odd to me iv never heard of arimidex not bringing down someone’s estrogen who isn’t on steroids and not on hcg.

I think that’s not as popular in the UK, offered me Clomid but I know that can produce estrogen in the liver and spike LH so I said no to it.

I did have an effect but not a big one and she said it’s not that uncommon people respond differently to the blockers due to the paithways they target. She believes it’s an issue with my body removing it rather than producing it and we found a few markers than show that I don’t have a certain Gene that produces Glutathione which supports stage 2 detox of the liver and that isn’t something you can fix but you can support with a lipsomal version which I have been doing.

Also I have tried natural ways such as nettle root, milk thistle, DIM and calcium d gluterate