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Lethargy in Week 3 of Cycle, Help?


Hey all, im on week 3 of a 12 week test p/npp/mast e cycle and using epistane for the first 5 weeks. Week 1 and 2 were great but now im struggling to stay awake, all i want to do all day is lay down and nap all day. Here is my rundown

Week 1 Epistane 30mg ED
Week 2-5 Epistane 45mg ED
1-12 Test P @ 90mg EOD (may bump to 120mg)
1-10 Npp @ 120mg EOD
2-10 Mast e @ 120mg EOD
1-12 Adex .5mg ED (maybe change to EOD?)

Any ideas on whats causing this lathargy and poor sleep? Im really open to any opinion cause im a bit of an a$$ hole these days cause of it. Thanks dudes


You get any bloods done? Could be depleted estrogen? Or could be that bump in epistane cause high doses can cause lethargy so maybe back off of that a little? But yeah don’t try to cure the lethargy with more prop haha just try to eliminate some possibilities of what it could be.


Yeah it could be the drop in estro’. What AI and dose are you taking?
Also get your blood pressure checked too.


No i havent got bloods done yet but will drop my arimidex to 5.mg eod and see if theres an improvement in the next few days


Right now 0.5mg daily but will drop it to every other day


Apart from the test the other stuff is unlikely to cause gyno/excessive water retention. Sounds like it is too much AI. Good move about lowering your dose.


I lowered it and im already feeling alot better