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Let your hands do the talking

The info on this site has really heped me get into great shape. That has done wonders for my confidence levels, and I am greatly indebted. So I figure I try and give a litte back.
Last night, I was talking to a girl at work (I’m 21, she’s 18) and somehow the conversation got to massage. Nothing sexual now, just neck, shoulders, that sorta deal. In any event, she asked me to give her a massage, and she absolutely loved it. I’d be hard pressed to think of a better way to get close to a girl in a non-offensive way. And if you know what you’re doing, as apparently I do, you can make a girl melt in your hands. Now I assume everybody has strong hands from working out. If not, start deadlifting and get thee to www.ironmind.com All you young’uns on here: if you can find a willing girl, this is the move! Seemingly, older women like it too, if that’s your style. I’m begging somebody to try this on a girl they know, and let me know if I’m right, or just really good. Keep 3 things in mind: 1)if you have really strong hands, you can easily hurt a girl(first thing I heard was “Ow!”), so start gently. 2)This is a good one, the muscles that run from the base of the skull to the traps, right in back of the head. Make sure to hit that, as it might be neglected by other if they’ve had a massage before. 3)Use the thumbs mainly, but as they get tired, use the palms and fingers.

This is gold I tells ya. Hope to hear some feedback.

Thanks, Sam! I’ll try it…sounds cool!

(By the way…the muscles are the occipital portion of the trapezius, levator scapulae and the deep “splenius” group…am I too damn compulsive or WHAT??? LOL!!!)

I’m also very good at backrubs, and I really didn’t mind giving them. UNTIL, demand for me became so high that I realized that I wasn’t “scoring points” with the ladies I was …

…the back rub bitch.

Well I would rather get paid to massage them. Because that is what I do for living. And sweedish and lomi lomi is better for this type of melt in your arms response. I do deep tissue, rolfing and stuff similiar to ART plus NMT. Besides the bitches never talk to me anyway.

Okay, everybody should read this. www.thestranger.com/ 2000-12-14/savage.html
That pretty much sums up this deceptive kind of action. I think many of the women on the board would agree with this.

Truth be told, I never offered. It was asked of me. I posted this so maybe some of you guys can keep it in the back of your mind in case the situation arises. I had no intention for anybody to run around offering back rubs to unsuspecting co-eds in the faint hopes of sex. I’m sorry if I misled anybody.

Jared, the chick friggin’ asked him for a backrub! There’s nothing manipulative going on here. You need to chill out a little. Go have a Subway or something.

No offense, because anyone who throws in a Subway jab is actually high on my list, but what about “I’d be hard pressed to think of a better way to get close to a girl in a non-offensive way.” is so hard to understand? Sheer deceptive motive. I agree with him, this is a way to move from friends to more than friends, but stop and think about the girl’s situation. That’s all I wanted to suggest. They get us back, though. Plenty of blow jobs before marriage, then once we’re hooked, they stop. I think that’s more deceptive.

Well, of course girls don’t see asking for a massage as being at all flirtatious or as a way to ‘inoffensively’ get closer, do they? It is gold, when both people are somehow ‘down’ with the idea.

A sensual massage is a great way to get close! Hell, I’ve used it a million times. Works every time.

Jared: I just had to comment on your blowjob/lack thereof issue. The correct term for this behaviour is “bobbing for diamonds” (as taught to every female over the age of 5). Every girl does it (ok, MOST every girl) but the key is to A) call her on her bullshit for pulling it on you; or preferably B) find yourself a girl that’d be willing to pay you to let her suck you off. You just need to find a chick that is both orally fixated and has a lot of frustrations to work out and then do your public service for the day and volunteer to take one for the team. :wink:

Franks: “Well, of course girls don’t see asking for a massage as being at all flirtatious or as a way to ‘inoffensively’ get closer, do they?” PUHLEEZE tell me you were being sarcastic?! Asking for massages is the A#1 way for chicks to draw guys in (setting him up for a relationship built on her demands and his acquiescence) and then have every “right” to blame him for “going too far” if she decides she doesn’t want to play the rest of the game. Don’t women suck? And the sad thing is that so many of them get away with this shit.

I’m interested in learning swedish massage. I would like to teach myself as opposed to classes, got any book or website recommendations? Thanks for the help

Karma, you better believe i was being sarcastic!!! I’ve never been in a relationship where massage wasn’t requested of me. I have extremely strong/skilled hands from being a classical musician and lifter, and believe me do they get put to work!!! I think you might be reading a little deep into it as far as making a generality about them asking for massages though. It’s hard to say for certain, but even if you aren’t,I don’t even worry about it one way or the other. I consider myself ‘good’ at it, so I prefer to stick to a massage and just enjoy that for what it is - just let everything else happen on its own time.

I would like to help, but I do not do sweedish or any light rubbing type of massage. I do more therapeutic types, NMT, strucutal intergration and precise deep tissue. I never learned light relaxing spa massage work.

Of course it’s gold. In Pick-Up-Artist speak it’s called “kino” (any physical contact is called kino–massage is one of the best forms–esp. if were talking about massaging the magic button!!!) Kino is one of the best pick up tools in the PUAs tool box. The faster and more intimate kino you can get with a female, the better your chances of dropping those panties. Deception? Absolutely, the more the better–if well executed (and don’t moralize on me–both sides of the “game” practice deception). And Karma’s right, call chicks on their bullshit and chick logic IMMEADIATELY. If you fail to do this, you are most often relegated to chumpville (a.k.a. the “let’s just be friends” list). Here is a week’s worth of homework assignments for all AFCs (Average Frustrated Chumps)reading this: Mon: Rent the “Tao of Steve” and watch it; pay attention to the blessed Tao of the Steves. Tue: Listen to at least 2 hours of the Tom Leykis rado talk show. Wed: Go to WWW.fastseduction.com and do two hours of PUA research. Thu: Say “Hi” to and chat up as many hotbabes as you can all day long (be sure to use the “3 second” rule); remember any rejection you experience only garners you greater experience and heightned resolve–T men are not sheep; T men turn obstacles into tools. Fri: Now that you’ve done some research and understand your superiority (when it comes to current gender roles in our Western society), go out and get some bush–after all, your a T man and women like T men.