Let us talk about our love of beer

I don’t want to hear anything negative about beer please. Only what kinds please you.

Right now, I am really enjoying two small brewery blends that we have on tap at our restaurant - Winterfish Ale and Walkabout Stout - former brewed in Portland, latter somewhere in rural Oregon.

For home, Full Sail Amber gets fridge space, as does Rogue Dead Guy Ale.


Oh, I see a fellow NW’er?! And that usually means a discussion on beer, while drinking beer, while seated in a brewpub. hee hee hee
My preference is for the dark, stout stuff. Like, Black Butte Porter. I do like certain IPAs’ - Bridgeport is good. Another one is Blue Heron. Oh, but how I love Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Yummy!!!
And whenever I’m in a McMenamin’s, I always order Rubinator (mix of Ruby and Terminator).
Exxxxxxxcelent topic…:slight_smile:

My personal favs:

1)Abita Turbo Dog
2)Yuengling Black and Tan
3)Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale

Commercial domestic beers bite the large one!!!

I do believe that beer is an essential if you’re truly going to be happy in life:)

If you guys like beer so much. You should try making you own. I started last summer. Just about every beer I’ve made has been better than any commercial beer.


Nothing negative to say about beer per se, but the stuff tastes like ass to me. Do I lack the beer gene? Do I need more exposure to good beer? Every time I talk to someone who’s passionate about beer I feel like I’m missing out on something, but I just don’t get it.

Due to my white-trash upbringing, I have to admit my sick love for certain domestic swill-merchants (Coors Light, PBR, even Oly in some cases). Please don’t flame too harsh!

I love a good stout and also have a taste for those bitter European beers as well (Amstel, Heineken, Grolsch).

While I would not claim to be too familiar with many of the micro-brews, I do agree that commercial domestic beers (Bud, Coors, Miller, etc.) bite the big one. I am very fond of some of the “less commercial” (albeit still common) ones, though, like Sam Adams, Bass Ale and Saranac (both Lager and Black and Tan). Becks and Heineken are also decent. Just my .02. :slight_smile:

I don’t drink (but I may have a drink or two each year), but when I went to Portland to visit some friends, they took us to some awesome places with freshly brewed beer.

I actually tasted the Rogue beer and some others and was quite impressed. I don’t like beer, but I could have actually enjoyed a glass of that stuff with my meal. Those NW beers are pretty damn good!

Shiner Bock.

Wow, let’s see… Oatmeal stouts are awesome, but I can’t think of a particular brand at the moment. I also like Heifewezen quite a bit, with a wedge of lemon - but again, can’t think of a brand at the moment. Abita Turbo Dog and Purple Haze are great. Rogue Dead Man’s Ale and Rogue Chocolate Stout are both very good. Sam Adam’s Summer Ale, Pete’s Strawberry Blonde, and Yuengling are good too. I guess my favorite will always be Guinness, though - it’s what I always go back to. A black and tan (Guiness/Harp) is one of my favorites.

Beer - it’s not just for breakfast any more.

Thats what I love so much about Oregon beer (and many, many other places now) - microbrews don’t need to be consumed to get drunk, I enjoy one or two every few days with a meal, you know, strictly for the carb value :expressionless:

About brewing my own - I plan on starting this summer, I finally have a backyard and basement, so I can grow grapes and brew beer.

Patricia - keep your eyes open for Walkabout brewing company - it is owned and staffed by one person, but my god, she produces such amazing brew, I’m in awe. I know a few places in Portland carrry it other than Caprials.

Soooo, Rumbach: you work at Caprial’s? We’ve always wanted to try that place out. For obvious reasons…

Where else is that beer available? Like to try it.
I also like Boontz. For a amber, it’s got a nice kick to it.

i know ill probably get flamed for this one but when i drink i drink to get drunk not for taste. also im on a fixed budget so ive got to stay cheap. of all the beers i have tried i have to say mickey’s fine malt liquor gives me the best bang for the buck. it is about 6%abv and it gets me pretty tore up. if it is served real cold like below 42 degrees it tastes great. i was never a fan of the dark stuff that most of you guys like.
let the flames begin.

Lately I’ve been drinking Boont amber ale. My old standby is still Guinness. If I want something light, it’s Terminal Velocity IPA. If I’m fishing, an ice cold PBR.

Hm after visiting a lovely alehouse in NYC my tastes have spread out a bit…

Paulaner Hefeweizen
Paulaner Pilsner
Brooklyn Brewery Hefeweizen
Leffe Blonde
Heavyweight Perkuno’s Hammer (even the head on this stuff is black)

on the more common nights:
Stella Artois

I absolutely love Rogue Dead Guy Ale. I’m also partial to Arrogant Bastard Ale, and to Karl Strauss Amber Lager (brewed down in my college hometown of San Diego).

Rickard’s Red all the way baby. Thank god there’s finally a moderately popular beer that isn’t completely disgusting (meaning you can actually get it at most places, usually on tap no less).


Yup, I am a recent college grad jocking tables at Caprial’s (part-time, I also work at Reed College). I think they also serve walkabout at Paley’s Place, and possibly at the Jasmine Tree…

P-Dog - I won’t flame you, I will snicker though…just kidding, when I drink to get drunk, my choice is pints of budwesier and shots of bourbon, cheaper the better. It hurts the next day, but what doesn’t, right?

My favorite is Pilsner Urquell which is the first pilsner ever made. Some others at the top of my list are Czechvar which is actually the original Budweiser and another favorite is Staropramen. When i go to the renaissance festivals I can never pass up Guiness or a Black and tan. Woodchuck is a good one I have every once in a while as well.

1)milwaukee’s best ICE
2)steel reserve 211
3)camo xxxx
4)mad dog 20/20 kiwi-lime flavor

I don’t drink anymore really