Let There Be Grool - Novice Home Hypertrophy Routine


Go back, read my post above, now without thinking I was trying to be a dick.

OK, so while TrainForPain has the very best of intentions, this plan of yours has gone off track pretty quickly. You need to get in shape, to get in shape, no way around it. You need to get your nutrition in order, you need to lose the weight, being this heavy is only amplifying the problems you’re having physically.

Please, find someone who specializes in helping those who are quite heavy, lose weight. Get references, do NOT half ass it. Once you have lost the weight, I imagine many issues you’re having will be gone, or at least be better.

Think of this as a long term deal, 1 day at a time, instead of breaking yourself down every day (literally), find the ways nutritionally and conditioning-wise to improve. The best way I KNOW how is to have a PROFESSIONAL help you.

To be blunt, you’ve downright ignored what should be the obvious, and honestly, I want you to succeed in this. You need to overcome whatever it is that is holding you back from what has to be smart decisions, please make them.

I wish you the very best, good luck.

I’ve lost a lot of weight before, the problem is I lost it, got abs, but crushed my metabolism and hormone levels. I did this under the guidance of “professionals” and to be honest I don’t really find them all that nescessary. The advice was what you could google for free.

In hindsight I should of lost weight much slower, used the surplus calories carried around my midsection to gain muscle and recomposition. Instead I went from obese to abs in just over 17 months, had no size at all, had the T levels of an old man from dieting so hard and felt like dogshit.

Also due to current situation I simply don’t have the money to pay someone to watch me workout. The upper lower is working fine, every time ive stepped in the gym Ive added weight or reps. I am simply hesitant to add conditioning like I did last time, which completely eats away at my progress in the gym.

Coming back from injury, and not being active for years means I need to have a serious muscle building component to my training. All I am looking for is a way to balance that with some cardio.


What YOU consider professional and what I consider professional is 2 VERY different things.

Where, oh where, did you ever get the thought in your head that this works?! I’ve NEVER, EV ER, heard this line of BS, EVER. Only been lifting 50+ yrs, competed in powerlifting, bodybuilding, strongman, highland games, etc. Surplus of calories carried around my midsection to gain muscle and recomposition…I know now you have NO idea wtf you’re doing. The problem is, and will be, you don’t see it, and want to justify it by some ideas you got in your head.

I get the money issues, what I don’t get is you are posting the problems you’re having above, but want to dismiss them in justifying your nonsensical approach. You haven’t done jack in how long? Of course you’re going to get stronger, but what are you accomplishing by not getting in shape, and taking care of your injuries?

Your priority needs to be your nutrition, than finding a path to recovery of your injuries. Conditioning should be your priority in working out till you lose weight, you’re not in a place (obesity) to [quote=“Grool, post:22, topic:282323”]
have a serious muscle building component
I’m a cranky old fart who doesn’t want to waste time on those who think they know something when they obviously don’t. I originally commented because of your health, all I was worried about. If you’re thinking you’re going to gain serious muscle while obese, you’re delusional.

I’m out.

Hey man, just checking in quick and haven’t read all the dialogue:

Good on you for taking the walk and finding out where you are! It sounds like you’re in relatively poor cardiovascular condition, and you intend to prioritize that - also awesome!

I like “bodybuilding” style training, but I don’t think you need to go that route just to accommodate your cardio. In the short term, I’d just leave a few reps in the tank on your sets and not push the volume to much. That’s all the adjustment I think you’ll really need. If you want to do the bodypart splits, that’s great too; I just don’t think you need to if you like what you’re currently doing. You’re just getting into better shape, not trying out for the track team.


Thanks for the advice guys I appreciate it. Im really busy at the moment and been away from home with a girl ive been seeing. I am due back later this week and I will be back to tracking.

What mechanism stops obese people from gaining muscle? Im not talking anything crazy but adding some decent muscle mass while fat isn’t impossible, your time lifting doesn’t mean you get to make crazy claims without being asked to provide evidence for them.

To be fair I have taken on board the need to take nutrition etc seriously and I respect that sincere advice, similarly I realized I was out of shape kissing a girl and that might indicate I need to go for a run lol.

Consulted some professional help and put together a flexible year long plan. Been trying different exercises in a gym and seeing how certain things feel. Ive decided to move away from strength goals and focus instead on higher volume with less intensity. Ive bought protein supplements and some micronutrient supplements.

Basic gist of things is to do steady state conditioning and a bodypart split. Really feeling the movement and getting in decent shape.

1.Low incline barbell bench 4x15
2.Dumbbell bench 4x15
3.Dumbbell flyes 4x15

1.EZ curls 4x15
2.Dumbbell spider curls 4x15
3.Tricep bar lying extensions 4x15
4.Tricep pushdowns 5x15
5.Palms up wrist curls 3x20
6.Palms down wrist curls 3x20

1.Barbell squats 4x20
2.RDL 4x15
3.Barbell glute bridges 4x15
4.Barbell calf raises 4x20
5.Single leg dumbbell calf raises 4x20

1.BTN press 4x15
2.Incline dumbbell press 3x15
3.Incline dumbbell lateral raises 5x15
4.Dumbbell rear delt flyes 5x15
5.Band facepulls 5x20

1.Barbell rows 4x15
2.Incline dumbbell rows 4x15
3.Tbar rows 4x15
4.Trap bar shrugs 5x20
5.Dumbbell shrugs 3x20

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Monday 22/05/2023

Started really light and glad I did because if id of gone anywhere near what I planned to I think I might have passed out. Sweat drench the bench and floor of the gym. Going to go on my hike tonight will update then


low incline barbell bench 4x15 (Did 12 reps by accident wrote it down wrong)

Dumbbell bench 4x15

Dumbbell flyes 4x15

I checked my last 3x10 weight at the gym for db bench and it was 34kg 3x10. So realizing that to do hgiher volume the weight has to drop substantially. Not sure how much better the ability to lift heavy at volume will be when I am fit cardio wise. Going to buy bulk chicken tomorrow and will be tracking everything from tomorrow onwards. Aiming for 200g protein a day.

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My pecs are fucking so sore.

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EZ bar curls (think bar weighs 5kg)

These were very hard in the last few reops but easy for the first 6-8, higher volume is hard to judge what weights to use

Incline dumbbell spider curls

These felt too easy but the enxt step up on my dbs is 8kg so went as light as possible so i didn’t fail to hit reps

Tricep bar lying extensions (think bar weighs 5kg)

Straight bar cable pushdowns

These felt insane guess this is what a pump feels like properly, triceps felt engorged with blood. No idea why these felt so good. Hurt last few reps every set like an intense burning feeling.

Palms up db wrist curls (substituted to dbs because bars seem to give me wrist pain)

Workout took 1 hour 20 minutes

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No workout tonight as I am off to see a lady. Not sure how one is supposed to have women and mainstain a fitness routine and diet at the same time. Thank God im funny despite looking like roger the alien. Thank god women like us for things other than looks lmao.

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Just got home so no idea when i will be working out today. Might be really late. Crdio is off limits today I am absolutely nackered. Need an hour sleep before i need to get up.

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OK so shit has gone way off track this week as ive been wasting all my time with women. I will be saying fuck puxssy from monday and getting serious about the routine. But for the rest of this week its a write off and I am seeing a girl later so im not training legs.

I deserve to be shamed.

OK iv’e told everyone ive been disrupting my routine for I am not going to be having any late night visits for at least a month. Ive got my supplements delivered and I am going to pick up 5kg of chicken breast tomorrow morning. Don’t give a shit how tired I am I am going to stick to a fucking program. Stick to my nutrition and stick to my conditioning.

Gonna go back to a full body 3 times a week, strip the volume right down and do conditioning 3 days a week. Ive told everyone I know I am going to get in shape so there is some form of embarrassment if I fuck it off and go chasing girls like a knobhead.

Barbell bench press 2 sets
Incline Dumbbell shoulder press 2 sets
Barbell row 2 sets
Lateral raises 2 sets
Dumbbell curl 2 sets
Tricep extensions 2 sets
Barbell squat 2 sets
Barbell calf raises 2 sets
Crunches 1 set

Barbell overhead press 2 sets
Dumbbell flat bench 2 sets
Dumbbell row 2 sets
Lateral raises 2 sets
EZ bar curl 2 sets
Tricep pushdown 2 sets
RDL 2 sets
Glute bridges 2 sets
Crunches 1 set

My new hiking route is less than 5km but I can park there and take my dog so its not so boring. Going to be going really early because my dog is a psycho and tries to fight everyone.



Pre sunrise hike.

Getting food in has been difficult because weve had food supply issues locally so hoping to go pick up my food for the week today.


OK so I ended up staying at a girls two nights on the run again. Not really sure how I became such a weak willed pussy but I guess thats just who I am. Been sticking to my diet though and taking chicken and rice in tupperware.


Still sticking to my diet.

Feel like dogshit. Two women ive completely fallen for and know im no good for and told one im not seeing her anymore. Other found out about the other one and now hates me. I need to fix my fucking life.

The problem i have working out is the one i have with everything. Im the fucking problem.

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Doing this because its something I think I will find fun
Higher frequency lower volume
Mainly compound lifts
Now diet is in order I hope I can stick to this at least 80% of the time


Bench press 2x5/1x5+
Barbell row 2x5/1x5+
Squat 2x5/1x5+
EZ curl 3x8-12
Barbell calf raises 3x8-12

Overhead press 2x5/1x5+
Barbell row 2x5/1x5+
RDL 2x5/1x5+
Crunches 3x8-12
Lateral raises 3x8-12

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