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Let theBirdMan Keep *tweet tweet*?


Hi friends.
In my most recent posts the moderators have gone to the effort of not including my sign off trademark of "tweet tweet".
Im going to leave it up to the people, do I contnue with posting tweet tweet at the end of every post or would you like that banned?
Have your say and make your vote count!!

tweet tweet


It was not the mods at all, Bird. I removed your tweets...and now your soul is in a cage...it is not locked yet...only you can do that.





Rock on, thebird.

How the hell does a tweet tweet at the end of his posts annoy anyone? Get your panties out of your asses. It makes it funnier that it pisses people off.



Sorry dude, the sign-off makes no sense.


I think its a bit odd, but I def don't think it should be erased everytime you post it. Let it be.


I think it's hilarious there is a mod saying:

"tweet fucking tweet -----so.fucking.tired of this SHIT.----- FTFY fucking tweety."

I would have fun as a mod.


I dont see what the problem is.




For some inexplicable reason, it gets up my nose.


fap fap


Either way, let me know how it goes. I was thinking about signing off each post in tribute to my least favorite take out joint

Pizza Pizza


Keep on chirpin', brother.



we are in the free world



Dig Dig


It annoys the hell outta me, but I'm all about less moderation (if we could ONLY post nipples... sigh)

cluck cluck

PS - after seeing what that looks like, please stop. It's kinda gay.


I don't think it should be banned, but you shouldn't do it because it's irritating. If you just stop, everyone wins.


Honestly, I've always considered a "tweet tweet" or "chirp chirp" as an accentuation of an awkward silence after someone (OP or not) has said something inappropriate or odd. So seeing after every post gets a little off setting to me.


Funny stuff right there.


If you like it - Keep it.


keep it

dixiesfinest- your sign off is awesome, now i need one....