Let the Party Commence

In this week’s T-Nation:

Good… No, Great News!
by TC

The best news I’ve heard since Tim Patterson made me Senior Executive Vice President of… keeping his big ol’ truck washed.

The Science of Nutrient Timing, Part 1
by John M Berardi

He’s as smart as he is purdy. JB drops the essential knowledge on good eatin’.

The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program, Part II
by Chad “Hoss” Waterbury

The Arizona Outlaw rides into town with a sequel to one of T-Nation’s most effective training programs. Warn the city-folk.

Exercises You’ve Never Tried
by the editors

8 exercises guaranteed to freak out the guy on the leg extension machine talking on the cell phone.

Barr Room Brawl
by Chris Shugart

David Barr and I discuss worthless supplements, bad training programs and people on TV that piss us off.

News and Reader Mail

Biceps implants, pierced genitals, Richard Simmons, 24 Hour Fitness and your nutty feedback.

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Another great issue guys. It is amazing how you find time to keep posting a new quality mag every week and implement all the changes in the business you are. Keep up the good work, and thank you.