Let the Healing Begin!

So that’s like, a line from Good Will Hunting in case you didn’t know.

REALLY EXCITED to be here and contribute to the community. I honestly think that the information exchanged in message boards is awesome, and a throw back to all those years I spent on them reading, learning, and writing. So many guys that are now top in the industry at what they do I go way back with on message boards. So to get my own forum here feels pretty amazing, and I am incredibly humbled to be a part of this.

So let’s do this.


Hey Paul,

Happy you are helping out. When it comes to the PAP effect, my tendo unit has shown I produce more force after 90%+ efforts with submax weights(compared to when no ME was used). However, how do I know this helps with my high school athletes, as their is no stimulus on the field to produce this?

Meaning, how do I explain the greater force produced in the gym will be able to be beneficial on the field opposed to doing regular dynamic/CAT work?

Hopefully that made sense. Thank you

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Great to see you here, Paul!

@Chris_Colucci awesome addition to the site! Kudos to you guys for making it happen.


Hell yeah!

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The force production being higher after a maximal loading is part of potentiation. I used this for years in powerlifting and was one of my key philosophies.

Let me state from experience however, that I found when the loading was really close to near maximal, that I found the “back off” sets to be less productive. Anecdotally I found that you simply load beyond the work sets (whatever they may be), but not go so heavy that rep speed slows down significantly for the potentiating work.

For example if your volume work was to be performed with say, 70% of your 1RM, 80-85% would do a good enough job to ramp up the nervous system for the back off sets, without suppressing neural output in the work done afterwards.

As far as on the field translation, focus on getting your athletes stronger and leaner, and understand that everything done in the weight room is really nothing more than GPP for the field. Your athletes become better at their sport by doing the sport. They become better at moving and sustaining fewer injuries through their preparatory work done with the weights, and through conditioning.


Fuck yes!!!

Look forward to what transpires here!


This is awesome AF.


This is awesome

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It’s definitely great to have Paul on board here. He’s only been lifting for, what, like 30 years or so? And has competed in bodybuilding. And in powerlifting. And has put 300+ pounds overhead. Pretty sure we can all pick his brain and be better for it.

He’s also got 100+ articles and tips on the site we can sort through. Welcome to the gang, Paul.


Thank you, sir!

Stoked for this!

The forum is only getting better and better


This is great, because his friend’s list on Facebook is full. I hope this is not too off-topic, but I wonder if you know if medical science has progressed to the level where we can use adult stem cells to heal muscle pulls? As in using them to make the gap what it was before the pull?

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I haven’t looked into that. I am aware of some healing properties with some peptides that do some pretty magical stuff in terms of repairing tendon and muscle tears.

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My FAVORITE T-nation coach. Glad he has a forum now. I always read everything he and C.T. publish. I know they are friends, and I respect coaches don’t always agree…but I have been lifting steady since 1984 or so. At my age I believe Carter’s logic makes more sense (to me) as he professes high frequency and MOST IMPORTANTLY a much higher rep range. I don’t even consider single digit rep ranges any more, so when I read about 4 reps, 6 reps etc… for a guy close to 50, that automatically tunes me out. Carter on the other hand is proof you can still be jacked in your 40’s and still get bigger AND leaner while using a higher rep range.


When you say repair, what is the effect of the repair? Does the muscle return to substantially the same state? I had a pec, subscap and subclavius injury doing behind the neck presses, I am mostly concerned about the pec injury since it was the worst.

@Paul_Carter welcome to your new forum man! I agree you have become my favorite contributor as of late and you deserve all the kudos. Well you deserve the respect. Kudos is candy. But I’m old and most people won’t remember that stuff.

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I can’t speak personally because I haven’t used them. I know BPC-157 has gotten a lot of favorable “reviews”, so to speak, and apparently stands up to what it claims (anecdotally). But I personally have not used it, so I can’t speak from experience.

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I’m old too. And thank you!

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What’s great about you is the basics man. So many guys want to split hairs into inifnity when really it’s as simple as eat more lift more rest repeat. It’s refreshing to see.