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I’ve tried front squat with arms crossed holding the bar, but I don’t feel like I’m getting my elbows up enough, so feel like I’m going to topple forward.

The strap method looks like a possible way round this.

Until I can get technique of a new squat variation leant to start putting reasonable weight on, would a machine like this:chrome
Be better than a 45 degree leg press machine?
I will be deadlifting on the other leg day of the week.

I don’t know necessarily how much better that is than a leg press, but it’s certainly not worse. It looks like a hack squat machine, which I’ve always been unable to use nearly the amount of weight on, compared to a leg press. Maybe since it’s harder, it’s better? Not sure. Like I said though, can’t be any worse.

Only thing I’ve noticed between hack squats and leg presses is that hack squats seem to put much more stress on my knees. When doing either one, I’d go high reps, and treat it as a hypertrophy movement rather than loading up tons of weight and treating it like a strength movement.

Oh, and quick tip - on your deadlift day, what else are you doing? Deadlifts are awesome, will definitely build strength, and will build some muscle, but I’d highly recommend again, doing some type of hypertrophy movement afterwards. RDL’s, GHR’s, leg curls, glute bridges/hip thrusts, back extensions, etc. just to really help build up the hamstrings/glutes/lower back. Deadlift for strength, and then get a pump with some of that other easier stuff. Plus, you wanna keep your hamstrings strong to keep your knees healthy with the squatting you’ll be doing.

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After deadlift I do Seated leg extensions, lying leg curls, leg press then some calf press on the leg press.
As I’m doing 2 leg workouts a week would I be better focusing one on hamstring, the other more quad on the assistance exercises?

Thanks for all your advice Jshaving, I’m going to train legs tomorrow morning, so think I’ll have a play around with those squat variations, do a few sets of heavy (for me anyway) deadlifts and try some of those assistance exercises. They have a hip thrust machine at my gym, I’ve never tried it, quite excited!

Great leg work out this morning.
Deadlift 60kg x 15
80kg x 10
100kg x 8
110kg x 5
115 x 5
120 x 5
120 x5
125 x4 (grip went)

Tried some variations of squat couldn’t get on with any, so did some back squat but had my hands wide on bar, no shoulder pain! Don’t know why I didn’t think of trying this before, when I was ready to give up on them.

Tried doing some GHR’s, couldnt start at parallel to floor and get up so went lower and swung up with momentum 3x10

RDL 30kg x 10
40kg 2x10

Calf raises on leg press 120kg 3x10 slow up down pause top and bottom.

Really chuffed I can do pain free back squats for now.


Chest this morning
Bench press warm up sets then:
57.5kg 8x3
60kg 1x3
Will go 57.5 6x4 next time.

Fly machine 3x12 weight increasing eack set to 50kg

Inclince dB press
16kg x 12
18kg x 10
20kg x8

Incline dB flys
3x12 with 12kg

Incline bench 40 kg

Felt good threw in some shoulder mobility between some sets.

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Back this morning, felt very tired before I started.

Pull ups:
2 body weight then 3 negatives
1 then 3 negavives
3/4 of one then 3 negatives
2 negatives lost any sort of control on 3rd.

Lat pull down machine:
75kg 6x3

Face pulls with high pully:
First time doing these 3x12 with 15kg

Tbar row with close angled grip 4x8 30kg

Ezcurl bar biceps curl:
10kg 2x30 alternated wide to narrow to normal grip at 10, 20 reps.

Hammer dumbbell curls.
8kg 3x10

Felt better leaving the gym than I did when I went in, which I suppose is what it’s all about.

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With your size, you could be re-comping.

I think 6 times per week is too much - if you were to train four times per week, and eat more on workout days, and less on rest days, you could be losing a ton of fat while adding muscle at the same time.

For this, you don’t need any isolation exercises at all - no curls or pushdowns, no lateral raises etc.

Have you thought about this approach?

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I have I’ve done strong lifts 5x5 in my 20’s and had good results, but like I’ve said earlier, I find it much easier to to keep motivation and discipline if I train more often.
I have to get up at 0430 to go to the gym before work, it sounds stupid but I can do that if I go every day. If I had rest days I’d convince myself on gym days to stay in bed seeing it as a second rest day.

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Most of the time I do hip thrusts before deadlifting and squatting. It really helps with the mind muscle connection.


That’s alot of warm up before you get to your working sets. What seems to work well is about 2 - 3 sets taking rather large jumps of just a few reps each then hit your working sets.


we are almost in the exact situation. I wake up at 4am to train as well. If you like frequency why not do full body MWF then just light cardio to help with recovery on T and Thurs?

Wad doing alot of warm up reps to help relearn the movement, probably went a bit overboard, hence grip going!
I’ll scale back.

Re cardio on non lifting days, I enjoy lifting so can get up at 0430, I just won’t for a cardio session.
I work in construction and have a very physical job so I’m not too concerned about cardio to burn off calories at the moment, may follow your suggestion later if/when my weight loss slows down.
Thanks for the I put.

Another thing you might want to mess with is singles. Its a great way to drill technique again and again. Since you can recover from them really easy (10-15 seconds) its easy to to similar volumes.

The cardio is just to keep the habit of going to the gym and help with recovery. This is something I have been considering myself.

I have a weird thing when dead lifting: the first rep of a set doesn’t feel right, not that it feels heavy, just awkward. But might try some singles if I’m getting stuck doing a weight for rep’s.

Jaydap, it’s an interesting idea, would the workouts be full body?

I’ll be following along. Did the exact same thing. Started my journey at 37, and turn 40 in December. Best decision of my life. Can’t even begin to tell you how much better your going to feel!

I turn 40 on Tuesday, so have left it a bit late to get in shape by then!
Already feeling mood and energy levels increase.
Glad to have you along!