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*Update 2nd January 2020, entered the t-ransformation 2020 challenge, intending to run the Wendler " more squatting" programme for as long as I can tolerate it.
*Update 5th November 2019- running a push, pull, legs programme of my own devising. *Update 8th July 2019. Started 531 BBB 3 Month Challenge yesterday.
Hello all.
I’ve really been enjoying this site and it’s forums over the last few weeks, so have decided to start a training/(hopefully)progress log.
I used to train in my 20’s, was never in great shape but made some size and strength gains.
10 years off, and I find myself fat and out of shape.
I’m 180cm tall and this morning weighed 214lbs, I’ve no idea what my body fat% is, I’ll try to get a photo up later.
I would like to lean up considerably, this will be my main focus, any muscle gains would be nice too!

I’ve joined a gym and have been training in the morning before work and Saturday’s for the last 2 weeks.
Kind of doing push/pull/legs, six days a week, but with a horizontal plane push/pull day then a vertical plane push/pull day. I don’t have that long to train so volume is low and I’m not really going to failure on any sets yet.
Been trying to keep my carb intake low as I feel I’m quite sensitive to them, eating a couple of chicken breasts a day, some eggs, vegetables,and having a protein supplement after training.
I’ve lost 6lbs in 2 weeks, but realise this rate of loss won’t last.

I’m hoping keeping this log will help me stay motivated.

Is it OK to have a log in the over 35’s section or should I have posted this elsewhere?


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Think I can only improve from here!

Went to the gym this morning as I won’t be able to go Monday or Tuesday.
Trained shoulders, decided to go with shoulders, back, legs, chest, back, legs split from now on.
Did standing shoulder press as first exercise. Worked up to 45kg and did 5x2 then 3x6 sets.
Lateral raises with 8 and 10 kg 2 sets of 8 with each.
Seated dumbell press 16kg 10x2 then 18kg 10x2
Rear fly machine 40kg 3x10
Seated press machine 40kg 3x10

Good luck dude. A few years younger but in the same boat. What’s your diet like? What I’ve found (as I’ve aged) is diet is more important then ever. Fat loss, muscle gain, recovery all become harder with age but easier with proper nutrition.

As I say good luck.

I’ve probably gone too low on over all calories, have a smoothie made with banana, oats and protein powder after training in the morning, a sandwich with a whole chicken breast and salad at lunch, hard boiled egg, small amount of nuts, pot of yoghurt, apple, then chicken breast and vegetables at night. I haven’t bothered to work out macros yet as I’ve lost weight and am not getting too hungry.

I find it much easier to motivate myself to make healthier eating choices if I’ve been to the gym that day hence the 6 day a week gym visits.

With regards to training plan, I’m doing a big compound lift as first exercise each day in a lowish rep range. Was thinking of just recording and progressing this exercise and not worrying too much about weights and reps for the rest of the work out. Is there any down sides to doi g this if I’m not pushing to hard on the other exercises?


Your good buddy most of what you see in the over 35 is us older folks posting logs . Welcome aboard!


Cheers Bulldog.

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If intuitive eating and traning is working - keep doing it. Personally I need planning, prep and rules for training.
If and when you do stall having a record of your food and exercise help others help you. But you look to have the basics well covered.

“With regards to training plan, I’m doing a big compound lift as first exercise each day in a lowish rep range. Was thinking of just recording and progressing this exercise and not worrying too much about weights and reps for the rest of the work out. Is there any down sides to doi g this if I’m not pushing to hard on the other exercise?”

I do 531 this way. And aim for 24-50 reps of my secondary lifts. So if I Bench I might use the press as a secondary lift and 3x8 or if I’m after a pump 3x15 of a lighter weight. Its working. My goal is stronger bench, press, deadlift, squat and pull up. So I only track these.

In a workout last week, I managed to do one pull up with full rom, then did some negatives, was first time I’ve really felt soreness in my lats after a work out. I’ll definitely be working up to more!

I like the idea of focusing on big lifts then being a bit flexible with the rest of the work out, will see how this goes.

I’m finding it very uncomfortable in my shoulders to back squat, and am really struggling with flexibility when trying to learn front squat, but appreciate the benefits of this exercise so will stick with it.

I’ve never done any stretching before or after workouts, I’m thinking now might be the time to start!

While youre getting started and figuring things out, you could try Zombie Front Squats. Or front squats with no hands.

This would let you get some work in, without having to worry about comtorting your arms for awhile. As you get your stretching and shoulder mobility worked out you can progress to body builder style, then clean grip front squats(if you want to, of course. Full clean grip is Not mandatory).

Zombie style looks a little precarious, but it’s cool as long as you don’t get slumped over forward. Avoiding the slump and staying upright is good practice anyway.

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Take a look at the picture in the top right corner.


I’ve found that to be the best version to teach people how to squat. Almost 100% of the time results in perfect form - for some reason it just seems to force the body into the right position.

Anyway, doesn’t sound like you don’t know how to squat, but as far as front squats, using straps would maybe be a good way to go. Zombie style and bodybuilder style can lack some stability, and clean grip requires lots of flexibility (and poses a possible risk to the wrists that’s probably not necessary).

This is what I’m referring to:

John Rusin talks about it here:

And Elliot Hulse here:

Good luck mate, let’s hope you find the motivation to smash it here. Lots of good info, and tons of good training logs too.
Also, until you build up to squat Properly,have a crack at hip belt squats.

In for the log

Just to clarify, do you mean 10 sets of 2 by this notation or 2 sets of 10?

I realised that after, 2x10 two sets of ten.
So shoulder press would have been 6x2.
Cheers for pointing that out.

Thanks for the above squat variations, think I’ll try the zombie!