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Let Myself Go

Ok guys I’m sure I’m not the only one to have done this. I let my body go to crap. I am 29 and in the worst shape of my life. I use to be able to eat what I want and exercise a little and still be in reasonable shape. Well I really began eating everything and basically quit working out since my second child was born.

My question is whats the best exercise program to really trim down. All my weight goes directly to my gut. Nothing else seems to put weight on. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. My first anniversary is in a little of 3 months. Now I am not on my death bed or anything. In college I boxed and I always compare myself to that time when I was really in shape. I would just like to get rid of this gut.



[quote]sbanks wrote:
My question is whats the best exercise program to really trim down.


the best exercise program is the one you enjoy doing.

it really doesn’t matter that much what exercise program you do…whether it’s bowling, tennis, martial arts, bodybuilding, powerlifting, swimming, whatever…just get off your ass and start doing something to burn calories…

lookup some diets on this site…choose one…follow it…and get your fat gut moving…

I feel your pain, my gut is my fat depository also, it’s common for men. you need to find a program from this site, like CT’s running man. You should incorporate muscle building with cardio training. Your goals are to increase muscle building, increase metabolism, increase insulin sensitivity in muscle tissue. You need to follow a strict diet. In 12 weeks you should have accomplished alot. you would be surprised. laters pk

Do you have a link to the specific article for running man program