Let me try this again...

Well, my last post got ignored due to all the penis questions. My penis is fine, I have a question about Albuterol. Any value as a fat burner? Seem to fall in the same catagory as ephidrene and clenbuterol. Will it work for fat burning? Is it better or worse then clenbuterol or ephidrene?

I don’t think Albuterol, the asthma medication in a lot of inhalers these days seems to have any fat-burning effects whatsoever.

I read something about this at T-mag. Have you tried the search engine over there?

I have found nearly nothing. Just like the other broncial dialators, fat burning would be a side effect and not a primary effect, so I want to know if anybody has some info on it. Perhaps, Bill Roberts or Chris may like to chime in, if they know anything. I just want to know 'cause I got a shit load of it at home.

I used Albuterol regularly in an inhaler. for 3 months because doctors thought I had asthma and it did absolutely nothing for fat loss. Try using rectally.