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Hey been trainin 6 months serious am 183 cm at 93kg looking for any pointers on anything cheers

right bi



Impressive development for 6 months!

I think your right arm is a bit bigger than your left and your chest looks a little small in relation to your arms.

Would be good to see a pic of the wheels.

Good job - I gave you a 6.

Chest, lats and overall width. Wheels? What does your training schedule look like? You’re very lean, and could use to put on more mass, but look solid for only 6 months of serious training. Keep up the good work

Yeah, chest and lats. Overall good development. Keep up with what you’re doing and put an occasional focus on bench and chins/rows.

Do you have legs???

Arms and back look good.

Lats need work though unless your pose was just bad?

Keep up the good work, for 6months you must be doing something right lol

I think you are looking pretty good. I have difficulty believing you did this in 6 months but maybe…my advice would be to keep eating and lifting hard…don’t be afraid to bulk up…you actually look similar to my physic size and body fat wise and the hardest part is not being afraid to gain a little fat.

I say 6 months as i hadnt actually had a gym program before that i used to play alot of sport and had functional strength as opposed to size. U r right about not wanting to put on fat but i think i need to bite the bullet and just start eating!

Ill try and get a pic of my wheels up my quads are disproportional to my calves as i used to do sprinting so that my priority at the moment. Cheers for the help guys


I hate it when people make better progress than me.

You look like you have been lifting for at least 1-2 years.

I rated you a 10 for how hard you must have worked to do that in 6 months.

Cheers for that dude i been goin 2 hr session every day 5 days eatin right and yeh prob gotta go for more mass side of things and just get more dense or at least thats what im hoping to do

A lot of progress for 6 months. During your 2 hour sessions, what do you work first? Looks like your chest and back (moreso your chest) are gonna have to play some catchup. But at least your arm strength won’t hold that back. Well, actually, maybe it will.

Make sure you’re arms aren’t doing most of the work when you do chest and back exercises. Do your workouts include a lot of compound movements?

Ive naturally had big arms so it has been priority to get my chest and delts proportionate. When i work my chest ill generally do a prefatigue of a few sets of middle weight flys then go onto flat bench press followed by incline dumbell press superset with cable crossovers.

I tried the new pec exercise mentioned in one of the other forums where you do limited ROM on the pec dec going only from start to half for 20 then half to full for 20 inda like matrix reps superset with dips and got a pretty good pump. Any suggestions to isolate chest without relying on my arms?

Hm, well it’s looking like you’re fatiguing (did I spell that right?) your chest first, but you want to fatigue your arms. If your arms are tired when doing bench press, your chest will have to be used more in order to push the weight up.

Instead of doing flys before you flatbench, work your tris a little bit, that’s my suggestion. Maybe some close-grip benchpresses or some skull-crushers first. And some people disagree, but flys generally shouldn’t be used to build mass, stick to the presses and do your flys last. You can do 21s with the presses, those work for a lot of people and are similar to the exercise you outlined.

Also, an important part of lifting is feeling the muscle as you use it, focus on using your chest more than your arms (this is very important when doing back exercises, like rows). It’s really one of those things that you can’t be taught through words, but once you learn to feel your way through the exercises and mentally isolate the target muscle, it’ll be more effective.

Also, something else I forgot earlier, if you widen your grip on the bar when you’re doing presses, it’ll force your chest to be more involved in the lift, so widen the grip a little bit as well.