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Let Me Introduce Myself


Whats up T-Nation! My name is Matt Dawson and i am an alcoholic...oh wait, wrong place. But seriously i'm an ASC Professional Strongman that has been competing strongman for the past 5 years, and i have always had a passion for bodybuilding as well. I have been browsing the forums for about a year now and I finally decided to sign up.

My goal here is to provide insight from a strongman's perspective...I feel that everybody in the strength community, whether its bodybuilding, strongman, powerlifting, olympic lifting etc, can learn from other and share information to make us all better in the end. I see too much bickering between bodybuilders and powerlifters and strongmen when in reality we are so much alike its sickening!

Here is a little bit of my background and contest history...
2006 Wise Wellness Physical Therapy Strongman Challenge - 1st place
2007 Western New York's Strongest Man - 1st Place
2008 Western New York's Strongest Man - 1st Place (set axle press national record)
2008 Buckeye Classic Strongman Challenge - 1st Place
2008 NCAA All-American in the Shot Put
2009 Mightiest of Men - 1st Place
2009 California's Strongest Man - 1st Place (Won Pro Card)
2009 America's Strongest Man - 12th Place
2009 Mr. Olympia's Strongest Man - 4th Place
2010 Europa Supershow's Strongest Man - 4th Place
2010 US Professional Strongman National Championships - 6th Place
2010 America's Strongest Man at the Mr. Olympia - 8th Place

My point here is NOT to brag...that's the last thing i want to do...I want to simply point out that I am not some troll that hides behind his keyboard not knowing what i am talking about. I like to think that I am very knowledgeable about strength athletics and have trained with and competed against some of the top professional strongman on the planet.

I hope i can provide good feedback on the forums and be one more weapon in the arsenal to achieving our goals!


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awesome stuff, glad to have you here


Welcome to T Nation bud


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Matt!



And thanks for offering your experience and knowledge... I am sure everyone will benefit!


Welcome Matt, glad you're here.