Let it out!!!

If you have any rants, raves, gripes, complaints, or just plain gotta vent…let it out here. This should be interesting…

seems like rangerrick75 didnt read the thread ‘do you even lift?’

instead of rants, raves, gripes… start a thread about stories of good deeds, happy events and upcoming activities your looking forward too…

why incite anger in a thread…


I hate when people start stupid threads…

i hate when people take the time to respond to a thread when they think it is stupid.

I hate when you’re eating a hamburger and you bite into a little hard piece that you can’t chew up.

I hate when people take 5 minutes to post but can’t spend one extra minute to proofread.

P-DOG I hate you.

I hate it when I want to grill something for dinner and I forgot to take it out of the freezer to thaw first!

I hate Goofey. (he pushed me over when i was little on a disney cruise)

I hate hate.

I HATE it when you’re in the grocery store, you hand the cashier your money and he/she hands you back the change – first the paper bills, then the RECEIPT, and then the coins on TOP of the receipt! This leaves you with a situation where you’ve got your wallet in one hand, and the other hand has a receipt SANDWICHED between paper money and coins. You then have to somehow pull the RECEIPT out of there so you can throw it away, all WITHOUT making the coins go flying all over the place – so that you can finally stuff the paper bills in your wallet and the coins in your pocket. AHHHHHHHH!!! I HATE that!!!

Thank you for listening.

that brings up a good point, i hate when im in the grocery store, in the deli, and some asshole is being really impatient and annoying everyone, and no one speaks up so i have to. actually, i like that, its fun.

i hate those hard things in cheese burgers also.

i hate really obese women in tight clothes.

i hate when im looking at porno on the web, and i click hot babes, and to my suprise its two ‘guy babes’ porno. i wanted to see hot girl babes not hot guy babes.

i hate people absolutely devoured by and finatical about politics.

i hate correct spelling and grammar.

hey this thread is kind of cool, i love it.

I’m angry at numbers, there’s like, too many of them.

I hate the jocks and
I hate the geeks
I hate the trendies but
I also hate the freaks

I hate Doc Martens, and muscle T’s
I’m only happy when I’m in my misery

It’s cool to hate
Yeah it’s cool to hate
Don’t like nothin and I like that fine

i have this canker sore on my lip and i keep poking it with my tongue but thats only making it worse

lol lumberjak…I heard that they were brining that show back? Have you heard anything?

ahh thatd be awesome!!! i guess i can rant about that, the cancellation of Family Guy. but i haven’t heard anything about its return, at least not yet.

Deep breath…

I hate mushrooms.
I hate almost every girl I know named Katie, about 11,000 or so.
I hate my thesis project.
I hate people sticking something rotten or otherwise smelly in my face and asking “Does this smell bad to you?”
I hate patronizing TV news anchors.
I hate my next-door neigbor.
I hate back hair, on myself and females.
I hate Jon Mayer, Dave Matthews, and every other musician who wears birkenstocks, that people here at school love.

I hate those fuckers who cant keep their normal` first name like everybody else and write to the governement to have a change…

For example, Nathaly to Natali, Mary to Mari, Sarah to Sahra, etc.


Just realized I hate my mouse with no scroll wheel!

I also hate girlfriends who use sex as a reward/punishment system.

I also hate getting caught whacking one out, not so much because of getting caught but damn it’s hard to finish after.

hmmm, I hate muscleteen and bigconnan although the muscleteen thread made me laugh out loud very often.