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Lessons Learned From 1st Cycle


I learned that 10weeks was probably a bit too long for me. I felt 7 weeks was the period before gains plateaued, despite increasing test from 600mg/week to 800mg/week in week 7. No extra benefit in performance or weight gain, and an increase in acne from an acceptable level, to a lot which is still lingering though going 6 weeks later.

I also learned that 400mg/ml of test for 2 mg(800mg/week) underground labs gives me a shit load of PIP, and even seemed to bring on test flu or something similar for 2-3 days even near the end of the cycle. I got a welt the size of an outstretched hand on my glute that was raised about half an inch a took the best part of a week to recede. Probably due to the high concentration of test, and probably the amount of solvents needed to keep it fluid.600mg/week ie 1.5mg was a lot more manageable in terms of pip with the high concentration test.

I can inject glutes and be doing a leg workout the same day, or next day. Quads very painful for 3-4days, could barely bend my leg, even walking was painful.

If I need in the future to increase the number of injection sites I would only inject non glute areas after working that body part, not before in case Pip is too intense. I have a feeling that lower concentration per ml test would not give as bad PIP, but I will need to try that next cycle.

I have also decided for my next cycle that because of negative androgenic sides like acne, I will cut down the test to 250-350mg of test blend/week, and add 400mg/week of a less androgenic steroid like Primo or EQ.
I'm also toying with the idea of changing in the last 3 weeks of the cycle to a mix of 350mg/week test prop(50mg/day), with 350mg(50mg/day) oral winstrol, so they will exit my system quicker so I could start PCT straight after cycle.


What AI did you run?


Hey, I ran arimidex starting at 0.25mg eod,started to get the pre gyno nipple itch and adjusted upwards. Up to 0.25mg ed still some small amount so I came up to 0.5mg which was too much, achy and stiff. Came back down to a sweetspot of 0.25 ed. Lesson it takes a while for the adex to build up and to take its full effect.