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Lessons Learned: First Time Using Testosterone

[quote]Cortes wrote:
Dynamo Hum wrote:
Don’t worry so much. It is what most of us are still using. You may have to dose higher, but for adex & Nolva you should be alright. Plus, I don’t know what percentage of guys would like strong alcohol based solutions even if they are dosed bank on. Capped powder is always an option. More difficult to custom tailor dose but you can always open a cap and split accordingly.

You have to dose higher, except when the products don’t work at all. And having to dose higher and shooting in the dark is not exactly ideal when manipulating hormones. I, personally, desire accurate dosages.

And yes, as usual I agree with Brook. I’d rather drink something that tasted like dog piss over cherry syrup if I knew it was going to keep me from growing breast tissue and crying at oatmeal commercials. Now, if a quality product is available that just happens to taste good, then all the better. Unfortunately, I’ll say it again, I no longer trust any of the research chem companies to deliver what their product is purported to deliver. And who can blame them. I mean, nobody is supposed to be consuming that stuff in the first place, right? [/quote]

But man… those oatmeal commercials, DAMN they get me going…

[quote] Brook wrote:
I would say a vast percentage of users would prefer an accurately dosed, high quality product that tasted like shit over one that tasted like butterflies cum but barely worked.

Those who don’t IMO won’t be in the game too long regardless.[/quote]

And what would Butterfly cum actually taste like there buddy.