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Lessons from 2015

So we’re at the end of Q1 2015!

Has this year of training thus far brought forth some new wisdom? Perhaps it has reminded you of something you learned in the past? Let’s share and discuss some of the random thoughts on training from 2015 and stuff you are planning to implement. These are all relative to powerlifting/maximal strength. Here are mine:

*ATG and white-flag just breaking parallel squats are very different.

*Training squats ATG all the time is likely NOT beneficial to training.

*My bench loves frequency and volume, but not for weights above a 3RM. May be good for doing a single for explosiveness and set-up practice, but not for getting work in.

*Leg extensions really help my legs and knees feel better after a long squat session. A set or two is also good for helping me loosen up before work sets.

*On the note of technique, Chris Duffin has some amazing insights and instructional videos.

*Done pause squats wrong for years. I paused at the very bottom of my ROM, which caused me to lose tension. Pause above the bottom of your squat, squeeze, hold the tension, and then explode out.

*If you think your grip is weak, it probably is. You may have to “learn” how to grip properly. Fat Gripz/bars are excellent, as is just taking some time when you are idling and focus on how you close your hand and feeling the tension in your forearm.

*If deadlifting from the floor feels awkward, then don’t do it 100% of the time. Mix it up with some different ROMS. You don’t need to pull from the floor to prepare for your next PR.

and finally,

*I have greatly underestimated the power of food for several years.